Thursday, February 19, 2015

Staring at the ocean

I’m sitting at Starbucks staring out at the ocean, as ducks fly across the water. I have two Japanese girls to one side of me taking pictures of their pink Frappuccino’s while another on the other side is (tactfully) sketching women’s bodies, deep in her work.

 It didn’t rain today, so I thought it would be a good idea to get some fresh air. I went to this Indian restaurant (Indian here is so.darn.yummy) that G-man recommended. I admit I have a favorite place already; they’re so friendly, they speak English, food is the best, and their prices are superb. But G-man swore his place had amazing garlic cheese naan.

I should state I’m a plain naan girl but I’m kind, and nice, and said I would try it.

Today was the day, and after sitting down I heard a SQAUWK…. Birds…in a restaurant… I don’t like birds, let alone birds in a restaurant. I refrained from standing up and saying “FORGET THIS” while leaving, and ordered a chicken curry with garlic cheese naan instead.

I should have taken a picture just so you could have seen the amount of cheese there was. It was almost like a naan quesadilla. Cheese was oozing out. I could only laugh and start eating.

Everything turned out to be delicious.  Cheese was just a wee bit too much and too heavy, but the curry had great flavor.  I now feel like I could ‘lose’ everything I just ate if I move too much, but I was committed to tasting his favorite Indian place.

We’ve been eating quite healthy this week, which this Indian goes completely against that. We normally eat healthy, but we’ve taken it to a whole new level given G-man’s desire to lose a few, and I’ll be honest, its stressful finding and making approved meals. I put the stress on myself really. I hate making the same thing over and over again, and want variety, where he could literally eat a chicken with a seasoned pack on it every night (really, he’s told me), but I feel this is an injustice, and MUST make real, healthy, tasteful dishes.

Enter: stress.

I’m constantly thinking of what I should make, how should I prepare it, what kind of snacks do I need to make – non-stop! (Because let’s be real, chicken over and over is b-o-r-i-n-g)

Anyone have these dilemmas?  -- just me?

Despite the stress, he says he’s seeing a difference, and I actually have as well in myself, so at least I know it’s all worth it. It’s always worth eating healthy, isn’t it?

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The Heart Of A Woman said...

I don't like birds either! When I was on the elimination diet I always stressed about what to make. I think I started hating food about that time and my love for it has yet to return. I really hate chicken! I actually have some private boards on Pinterest that have recipes. I can send you a link if you want?

Erin said...

I can't believe you just typed that something had too much cheese! At one time that wouldn't have been an issue!! You are growing up... sniff.. sniff!! LOL Just reading your post I think I could go for some Indian food myself! Like that restaurant we went to!! I'm also surprised you were in a Starbucks. I know how much you love them too but alas they have free wifi so you can't go wrong there!! Love you sis!! P.S. Chicken does get boring!! ;) said...

I am sure eating healthy is definitely worth it but for me.......i can't eat most healthy stuff so i just try to portion better. Being that stressed out over what to put in your body just would not be worth it to all.

I look at it like this.....we are all going to die from something, someday, someway so i might as well be happy and live life the way i want to. Yes i am overweight, grossly, but it did not come from my eating habits in any way, shape or form. Even if i could eat healthier i would not want the stress of that. I don't eat horrible, just not super healthy.

I don't buy a lot of junk at the grocery store (matter of fact almost no actual junk food) but i do eat processed food. I Try to eat meat every night, very little pasta (i can't swallow it, i choke) and pasta is one of the worst anyways but i eat potatoes and rice. I do not add salt but i add butter. I have a vegetable on my plate at every meal.

I can't eat salads, but i plan to make a small one for my husband every night once veggies are back in season (and we are not 1800kms apart) and will have cucumbers myself and that will help us feel fuller.

My plan after that then is sharing a portion of meat and making smaller sides. I think this may make a huge difference for us. Just a thought.

We also never ever have dessert, we are never hungry after supper but really one should never be full.

We don't even spend $200 at the grocery store in a month, but that may go up with trying fresh veggies instead of ones in a can. Meat will be less with us sharing though. I fully believe portion control holds the answers lol.


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