Friday, May 3, 2013

You give me the creeps

I’m not sure if you’ve heard yet, but Jenni over at Story of My Life is doing a little link up. It’s a small one. Me and only a handful of others are participating, but she’s thrown out the challenge to blog every day in May…with topics given, mind you, but I, being all defiant, have chosen to pick and choose the days I blog.

…I wish lying was one of those things that made me uncomfortable.
Her link up is huge, people. 600+ people huge. And I haven’t even shared it with you all yet, so after today, its going to surely spike to 602, maaaybe 603, I have that much influence.

So there’s things that give me the creeps, that downright make me uncomfortable and give me the heebie jeebies.

We’ll keep with the categories..

Gives me the creeps:
- Well, creeps do, for one. Those who stop on their way to who knows where to pull their huge knife out of the back of their pants to make sure its still there and promptly tuck it back down making sure its directly in line with their crack. that’s important you know..
- those men who, while talking to me, stare at a place other than my eyes… ok ok, this happened once! but holy moly, I had no idea what you girls were going through until this guy. After he left, I looked down just to see what the heck could be down there that would draw so much attention, and nope, nothing, just the little girls were there like normal.
- the stalker who would write me 10 page letters and emails and hide behind the wall too scared to talk but instead stare.. now that gives me the down right creeps!

Makes me uncomfortable:- standing up straight. If I could slouch and have people think it was the most attractive thing they ever did see, I would slouch till the day I die… and also not suffer from any spine issues because of it. wouldn’t that be nice?
- confrontation. Even though I’m “great” at it, darn if it doesn’t leave me with heart palpitations, sweaty palms and a stutter-ee speech. Oh and bright red ears too. darn giveaway every time!
- finding out I did an hour long presentation in front of a bunch of women with my zipper down the entire time. Face to palm moment..
- when a woman around my age (30’s) stopped me and asked what grade in high school I was in. …ok ok, for me, this was awesome, but I know she was uncomfortable after I said my age.

The heebie jeebies:
- looking up every single time a person hawks the biggest nastiest loogie. Its like this sick gift of mine that I can look up at the “perfect” time it happens..every time.
- making eye contact with a dog who’s poo-ing. Have you ever made eye contact with them before? It’s the most uncomfortable experience. Like I’ve violated them on every level and have shamed me and my family for locking eyes with them at that very private moment. I still want to go back to that dog and apologize.
- seeing the biggest spider known to man on my wall and going for a shoe and turning around and having it completely disappear. the world!

GO link up now!! And happy happy Friday!!!
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Mo (New on U) said...

You had me at "dog pooping" - so hilarious! But come on now - you were just bragging on that "what grade are you in thing" - after 30, we all love that kinda stuff ;)

Janet Ellis said...

My eyes are burning, my eyes are burning...tears welling up funnnneeeee... So glad you cleared that "Small Challenge" thing up! I was like all LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE. lol ~ Have a great day! ~Blessings, Janet

My-cliffnotes said...

Dog pooping die I've done that

Mrs BC said...

Gosh this made me laugh! Dog pooping is very awkward for me all round. My lab seems very embarrassed if someone watches her pee, but it's not like she runs and hides or anything, so she must secretly like the attention I guess. I haven't seen anyone check their knife and align it with their crack, where on earth do you live!?

The Heart Of A Woman said...

These are good! Once again you made me laugh out loud. I had to read the post to Alan, because he wanted to know what was making me laugh. I don't know if I have ever made eye contact with a fog who was taking a poo. Haha!

Jennifer Blair said...

Wow. The dog story had me rolling! So hilarious. I have had a guy you know, stare, before and it's just weird. No bueno. I try to leave the room or area as soon as possible. Awkward!

Maggy said...

I saw that she is doing this, I definitely won't be joining...but I will enjoy a full blog reader :) Maybe? Unless this is like New Years at the gym and in a week things will subside? Hmm.


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