Friday, November 1, 2013

A stuffy amount of sugar

Hello November.

Though I woke up off and on between 2am and 4am before finally getting up from a sinus infection, I knew what this morning would bring. A tiny drop of sugar. With lots and lots of coffee.

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As I was walking down the hall to the kitchen, imagining my little drop of sugar in my coffee, I see my mom baking my ‘surprise’. Pumpkin bread to welcome me proper. She’s quite excited October is over so we can enjoy the sweeter things this holiday season and in a way, so am I.

I’m not wanting to indulge whatsoever, but it sure will be nice to grab a cracker when I want a cracker.

The month turned out to be fairly easy toward the end. All the chocolate I made thinking I’d need it, still sits in the freezer waiting to be eaten. My sweet tooth has pretty much gone away and overall, I’ve felt really good. No bloating ever.. TMI? But despite my lack of working out…at all in October, my stomach has stayed flat, pants are looser and I never feel gross after meals. Ever.

I still recommend anyone to take this challenge for themselves to see how much it’ll benefit them. And again, I don’t recommend doing it during the holidays (just too much temptation), but at least cut the sugar down greatly, if you can’t do completely. Of course (as I know we’ve all heard), the processed foods, because, why not. We all know they’re horrible.

So November starts out right. Pumpkin bread. A dollop of sugar. And a sinus infection.

The two cancel out the one, for sure.

Happy November and Happy Friday to you, my friends. Thanks for the support throughout October with cutting out sugar. I wish you the best weekend!

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Naomi said...

You are a better woman, than I, with your ironclad will to not eat sugar for a month! :D But I am very happy that I tried it, because I have managed to keep some of my good habits - still not drinking any sugar in my coffee in the morning and definitely staying away from the CONSTANT donuts, candy bars and other sillyness at the office. I'd rather indulge once in a while at home, with delicious homemade food. It's just yummy-er! :D said...

i am having sinus issues too. The pharmacist thinks it is allergies (never had them before but an eye infection worse than pink eye ever week for months and then once in a while since then) and sinus issues off and on that i chalked up to colds. Hope you feel better soon.

I told my husband last night we need to try the no sugar, in January, before valentine's day and easter lol. I am going to try because of you so i hope we can do it.

The Heart Of A Woman said...

Way to go Em!


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