Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Deep in it

Blame it on the holidays (as many seem to do) but blogland starts to get more and more quiet around this time of year. Which is good. People are doing real life things. Enjoying time with loved ones or just maybe incredibly busy with life they can’t catch a moment away. I’m a mix of all those reasons.

I’ve wanted to blog, but I have really little to say and even when I do, I can’t wrap my brain around words or justify my time spent blogging when I feel like I should be doing more more more homework.

I’m in the thick of my mid-terms and doing what I need to stay afloat with all my homework. That’s the thing with a 7 week semester. Everything is crammed together and it’s stressfully busy the entire 7 weeks. My life has pretty much been consumed with school, and I’m pretty sure you don’t want me talking endless about the fact that Chemistry is the most pointless subject I’ve ever taken. And how this is completely unnecessary for me to know, understand, or use for any part of my life now or in the future.
photo 1photo 5
and my personal favorite…
Write a complete ionic equation for the following reaction: potassium chloride and lead(II) acetate:
I won’t tell you how long it took me to create that in photoshop..

It’s just silly and I have something to say about it each and every day. (be thankful you don’t live with me)

I think my advisor was really wanting to see if I were serious about going back to school by putting me, a person who hasn’t done this in 14 years, right into one of the hardest classes out there from the start. It’s so hard, students (who live in Arizona) actually go to other colleges and pay twice as much money, just so they don’t have to take it with this professor. That says something.

So this explains my absence lately. This is my all consuming life. Chemistry nonsense and history papers where I get hung up on the proper way to cite and do bibliographies..and if it wasn’t for Natalie helping me (read: holding my hand), with my history papers, I’m not sure if I ever would have gotten it. Not to mention my third class that I deem unnecessary and a waste of my time, but is required for all incoming freshman with this school.

*deep breath*

Despite my mini freak out with all of this, I am still enjoying being in school. I like knowing I’m learning. Being challenged. Getting pushed and frustrated and confused because I still have my end goal in sight..albeit a very far away sight. I’m grateful I’m here and with so many friends coming forward to help me, it means a ridiculous amount.

You can basically find me in three places these days. In the chair, on the couch or on my bed studying, 7 days a week practically 24 hours a day because I want this, dangit.

So, since I want to spare you of my constant talk of school and the stresses it brings, I’ll be around a little less, but I’ll still be around. You can count on that!

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Megan said...

WOAH!! All of that just made me want to vomit and made me glad that I'm not in school. Haha! ; ) You go girl!

Megan said...

PS: miss your blog!!

The Heart Of A Woman said...

I will miss you! I'll still talk to you though! You are one of the 4 blogs I seriously follow. I fell off a long time ago :/. Love ya!

My-cliffnotes said...

You're doing fab! Keep it up!


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