Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I still get botox


I had my fourth botox treatment this past Thursday, and it still is the best thing I’ve ever done, ever! …next to laser hair removal.

In July of 2012, I talked about getting botox for the first time. Since then, like clockwork, I’ve gotten treatment every 6-7 months. I always make sure I do two treatments each year to be sure my insurance covers the second treatment 100%. (deductible having been met at that point and all.)

After the first treatment, even though the Dr. said it generally lasts a good six months before it begins to wear off, I noticed within month two it fading. I was disappointed but I knew that when it came to medical treatments and me, I’m always in the small percentile that has the extreme or opposite desire. And this was no exception. Even though, by the end of month three it had completely worn off, I still stretched it out to month six before going back in for treatment number two.

Little did I know that the moment it wore off I could have gone in for another treatment but it didn’t matter since I was getting round two of injections at that point.

After the second treatment, I noticed it lasted longer. Almost to four months and this only served to make me happy. The doctor did say that with continued treatments, the time frame will stretch more and more and thankfully, I fell in line with this. By the third, it stretched to five months and I can only hope this fourth treatment will go to a full 6 months.

I still highly recommend this treatment and am a huge advocate for it, which is why I thought I’d offer an update one and a half years later. If you have a dermatologist who is as amazing as mine and willing to go the extra mile to prove to your insurance company that this is a medical necessity, insurance will cover the treatments entirely. Which is a huge comfort on this currently diminished pocket book. I still remember describing my ‘need’ to the nurse and once done the guy said there was no doubt it was medically necessary. (Lest you think I or the doctor’s office is tricking insurance to pay.)

As long as I can, I will continue to get these injections. The confidence its given me is tremendous. With all my travels lately, it’s such a relief knowing I don’t have to be concerned with the sweating or smelling anymore. A huge relief! If anyone reading this is in the Central Valley of California, I would be happy to give my doctor’s information. She’s one of those where I’ll gladly drive hours to see because she’s that good.

Since I talked about it last year, has anyone looked into getting it done themselves? Or actually begun treatments?

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