Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Abracadabra alakazam!

Believe me when I say, I have a long way to go with learning the ins and outs of editing. I’ll learn a new trick, only to not edit for months and forget it. Or I may tend to get a little sloppy if I find myself editing for hours.

Last week, my friend called my upset over her professional wedding pictures. They weren’t anything what she thought the photographer would produce and was more than disappointed in the results. I had taken a few the day of, and thought editing and sending them to her, wouldn’t be a cure all, (I wasn’t exactly in photographer mode) but I figured she wouldn’t mind having some extras to work with.

This ultimately is what started the guilt over the weekend, working on her pictures over all the others.

Any way, one particular picture I took of her was great! except this guy was standing behind her. I didn’t necessarily want to send it to her, given her unhappiness and all, so I went to work. Painstakingly slow work.

If you remember, which its ok if you don’t..a week and a half ago, I posted the picture within my post.

Again, has great potential but he’s kinda ruining the shot. Like I said before, I wasn’t in photographer mode. Just bridesmaid with a camera mode, so I wasn’t worried too much about my background.

But after a lot of time and effort, I managed to get him out.

What do you think? I know its not perfect, and I’m sure you can find mistakes but I don’t think its too shabby. Here’s a side by side for easier comparison.

Sometimes its fun to see just what you can do to an image. I’m not really for drastically altering an image or the person, but in these cases, its necessary to get it just right. I know I’m tooting my own horn a bit, and I know there are far more skilled photographers than me who could look at this and scoff or not like that I’m toot tooting, but toot! 

Hopefully she’s happy with it.

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Erin Pasillas said...

Looks great to me!

Lisa said... got some skills!!!!

I need to get into all the editing stuff...maybe I should start by purchasing a programme.

The Heart Of A Woman said...

It looks really good!

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed Emily! The pic looks great, way better without that guy in the shot. :)


Daisy said...

Wow great job! You can't tell someone was even there.

Katie said...

What?! You did that?! It looks SO good. And hopefully she gets her money back or something...that's ridiculous. A similar thing happened with my sister and that photog ended up going out of biz after being reported to the BBB and my sis got digital copies of her (terrible) pictures eventually!

Amanda Wissmann said...

That is ABSOLUTELY FANTABULOUS! You're a miracle worker! If you didn't know you wouldn't ever look for the flaws therefore would never see anything!

(and even as hard as I looked it was sooooo hard to see anything wrong with it)


carissa at lowercase letters said...

holy moly! good work!!! i have not worked at all with getting things out of the frame before. but i know it's not a small task! she will love it.

Jossie said...

That's amazing! And in the edited picture it's not even blurry?! Amazing!

Anonymous said...

Toot away, sister. You did a great job!

Lauren said...

Love it! You did a fantastic job!!

angie on maui said...

You got some mad skills.

Although I do have to question why you would want to get rid of the fashionable dude side-stepping with the luggage. I mean, his shoes and his belt go rather nicely.

Jokes. :)

Seriously, nice work on erasing him from existence! I am sure the bride is thrilled! :)


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