Thursday, August 23, 2012

Love is in the air

Aahhh, the day has finally arrived. My friend waited a long time for this very day. She had been through quite a bit before meeting her husband, so for me to see her finally with a man that loves, values and who’s truly devoted to her, was seriously a sight to behold.

I had partial intentions of getting my camera out and taking a ton of pictures, but as the day of the wedding wore on, it felt better not having it. After having breakfast with G-man, I met with all the other bridesmaids to arrange the flowers. If there’s one thing I know I’ll never ever be, is a florist. Standing in a room surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of flowers left me with a slight panic attack.
photo 1 (6)

Imagine a bagillion more of those. Thankfully two other girls saw the wild frantic look in my eyes and called me over to pull rose petals off for the aisle. Now that I was able to handle.

By 12:30 we were to meet up in the suite to begin getting ready. By 1pm, it was a mess. The bathroom floor was so sticky from all the hairspray, the soles of our shoes were stuck. Every inch of counter space, floor space, couch, desk, bed…every inch was taken by a piece of clothing, shoes, food, makeup. It was as if a bomb had gone off. But my friend calmly sat in her chair, getting ready. em22em20

For us to be able to pick our own dresses, I think we all did pretty well.

We had all finished getting ready and waited for the moment the bride got into her dress. So it was picture snapping time.

The time had come for everyone to change.
photo 4 (1)em21

em23The pictures were quickly taken by the photographer and we rushed off to the ceremony site. It unexpectedly rained that day, and thankfully a big oversized umbrella was waiting for us all to huddle under. Not to mention shiver violently. I had the honor of being first to walk down the aisle. I say honor (and it was) but I’m not the best at being so noticeable. I realize they weren’t there to see me, but knowing 220 pairs of eyes were on me for 15 seconds was enough to have me wanting to walk briskly so the next bridesmaid would come out.
G-man’s view..
IMG_0399 (1500x1000)

Beautiful ceremony complete, it was time for the reception. I still didn’t have my camera and even didn’t have my cell phone. *gasp* so the only pictures I have so far are from bridesmaid’s cell phones. I could post from the photographer’s website, but given my friend’s feeling about the work, I think its best I stick with what I have. Which are…
photo 3 (1)photo 3 (3)
If you’re thinking this is it…you’re cute.

I’m waiting for a bridesmaid to mail me a cd of pictures she took of the reception, so look out! There’ll be sure to be more. But at least I’ll have given you a little wedding break.

HTC users…why are your pictures so grainy? I mean really!? iPhone pictures are crystal clear…I just don’t get it.

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Lisa said...

I knew you would look stunning and you DID!!!

Jennifer Blair said...

Oh gosh! You look amazing! that dress is perfect!

Anonymous said...

Em, you are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

You look so gorgeous!! Love the pics you shared here. :)


debjones:) said...

HA! I totally picked the right dress out of that line-up! Yay me!;) What a beautiful bride and her dress was gorgeous!! As were you chick-a-dee! And I hate the camera on my HTC! It really is awful. But then again, I didn't buy it for the pictures I didn't realize I would want to take... I just thought I was doing good to get a smartphone so my girl wouldn't be embarrased by me anymore!

meme-and-he said...

all that gorgeous hair! and that wedding dress! It seems just perfect for her. great pictures.

Megan said...

I love the mix of dresses!! That is are you!! Your friend didn't like the professional pictures??

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

It's all so pretty! And I LOVE the dresses!

Behold the Metatron said...

Beautiful! Her fail/headdress was so demure. I Love it!

You rocked it too. Ever get the description "tall drink of water"?


Ross said...

Looks like a good time was had by all! You guys looked great!

angie on maui said...

You're so pretty, Em. Just gorgeous. And I've decided that you should wear more pink. It is lovely on you!


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