Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Partying with the ladies

The time has arrived that I share detail by detailed detail of the events in Carmel. Thursday night we all met up at the hotel to fancify ourselves (weird..they’re showing fancify isn’t a real word…) for the bachelorette ‘evening’. We were given one criteria- -wear a black dress.

As many of you know, I rented my black dress from Rent the Runway and was really excited to wear it. I was a little nervous it was a bit too fancified but it turned out to be perfect for the evening. We planned to be at the restaurant before the bride arrived (in a white dress….of course!) so we rushed out of the room to head over. But I admit, we turned lots of heads in the family oriented Embassy Suites in our black dresses. So we stood out just a little bit.
We were forced excited to wear little cowboy hats that said ‘party posse’ on them as well as pink beads to carry out the theme.
Finally the bride arrived in her beautiful white lace dress ready to have a hoe down…I mean party. I kid. I kid…

After we devoured our food, we had our mini photo op at the bar…where everyone has their photo ops, right?
…and yes, I was the one that suggested the bar lounge. I would like to personally thank the drunk photo bomb guy as well as the drunk photo taking girl who was insistent on having her “I’m getting married in 2 weeks” icky drunk brother in all our pictures. My Sergeant self might have come out a bit with a firm ‘no, just take the picture!’ reply. #partypooper
The drunk girl was determined to get a ‘candid’ shot as she ran in, got on the floor and snapped from below. I actually think she did a great job…minus me getting cut out. Minor detail.
Since we were all looking rather hot…as evidenced by a man in his Mercedes pulling over to tell us how hot we looked… we decided to walk the streets…. in search of more to do of course, not to be confused with working the streets.

We aren’t those types…however the drunk bums on the sidewalk were really digging the bride as one continued to yell, ‘the girl with the hat is number 1!!’ over and over again.

A theater seemed to be the #2 best photo op location…again my suggestion. {if you don’t know me…I’m full of them}
they may have been telling me to put my hat on and I may have pretended I didn’t hear them…
You should probably note it was 53 degrees that night with mist. We were brave souls however after walking up and down the empty streets of downtown Monterey in the chilly night…with brand new heels on that went beyond being ‘broken in’ with blisters forming, we decided to call it a night and head back to the hotel where we’d continue our fun.

Only once we got back to the car, they spotted a karaoke bar that was a must do for the evening.

**side note, I realize this all sounds like I’m whining maybe a tad but it was a great time with a bunch of great women where I had a bunch of fun…minus the drunks before and after this sentence.

The girls were determined to sing ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ so I opted to watch the bags and be the picture taker. AKA didn’t want to sing. #isaidiwasapartypooper So as they softly sang their song, I sat at the bar making sure all was well, praying nothing would happen to the dress, having inner panic attacks as I envisioned drunks spilling their drinks all over me, when 3 approach the bar to place their orders.

Then the one reaches across me for his drink, only to spill half of it all over my lap. my dress. my legs. my shoes. my camera. eeeeeeverywhere. I was livid. Like livid!!

I, in my demure and gentle way, made him very aware of his folly, which left him apologizing profusely and repeatedly offering to buy me a drink.

I’ll let you guess my answer…

With relief, we all made our way back to the hotel where we gave gifts to the beautiful bride and closed out the hot tub as we wound down for the evening. It was a fun filled evening that left lots of great memories and created new and special friendships. I’m so glad I had the chance to be a part of that night. Pin It Now!


Lisa said...

Gosh it sure sounds like an interesting evening.

How did your feet do in the heels???

Lisa said...

By the way....you looked STUNNING!!!

Amanda Wissmann said...

FABULOUS! You absolutely ROCKED that dress!!!! Totally stood out from everyone else!

but uuuuuuuhhhhhh nooooooo....I hope by demure and gentle, you mean you punched him in his face. Tool.

Sounds like a (mostly) fabulous evening! Yay girls night!

meme-and-he said...

you are rocking your height! (This comes from another tall girl...I know how it is). looks like such a fun evening! (besides the spill. ugh.)

christine donee said...

what a gooood looking crew!

My-cliffnotes said...

You said "Give me you wallet ass hole" and he did and inside you commandeered one million dollars. Half of which you're mailing to me, right?
That's what totally happened..

meghan said...

I'm sorry someone spilled on your dress. That's what I was worried about when I as thinking about ordering from them one time. Looks like a fun night, and you look great! Sorry it seems it dragged on a bit longer than you wanted. :) I've had nights like that...

Megan said...

Ohhhh no! I can't believe that he really spilled it on you!! You look amazing, though, so chin up? Haha.

carissa at lowercase letters said...

hey pretty girl! the drink accident is not cool. i'd cry! but glad the rest of the evening was grand.

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely STUNNING in that dress! You need to buy one just like it & wear it for G-man the next time he's in town. When he sees you in it, you'll have to help him pick his jaw up off the floor. ;) Glad you had a great time!

Katie said...

Ugh there's ALWAYS one of THOSE guys. But at least you were smokin in that dress! :)


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