Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The most lucrative lunch I don’t recommend you have

I had a choice to make Sunday.

Write Monday's blog post or watch The Hunger Games. I think you can probably guess what I chose. Sunday was a crazy day. Just about non stop busy from the moment I woke up. My neighbor and I agreed to meet at my place to watch the Hunger Games once we both got done with our crazy afternoon plans.

Only problem was, my crazy afternoon plans kept going well into the evening. After it was all said and done, and I finally had a moment to sit down, it was almost 9pm! It was too late for my neighbor but being it was a redbox rental I had to watch it before the morning. It took awhile before there were no interruptions but I finally watched it from beginning to end and I have two words for it: LOVED IT!

Even though it went a bit away from the book (what movie doesn't) and it was fairly vague about a lot of details, I still thought it was well done...minus the shaky up close camera work. Not sure when this style of shooting was deemed 'cool', but is it so hard to pan back and have a smooth non 'in the moment' shot? I can still feel like I'm part of the movie without it... - I digress.

That may or may not be a sign of my growing age.. “edgy” camera work making my head hurt.

In other more scintillating news, yesterday while I was enjoying my peanut butter and honey sandwich in my car during lunch, (as I do), I felt my car move.

Someone hit it.

I watched her back up and quickly jumped out of my car (barefoot) and walked right in front of her with my hand up to stop her...because you know, she was going to drive away. This is how it went...

Me: you hit my car
Her: I did!??
Me: yes, you hit my car
Her: oh no, {bad word} I didn't know! (frozen behind her wheel) the stopping of forward motion must have been lost on her
Me: yes, you did.
(still not moving from behind her wheel)
Me: park your car, get out and let's take a look at it.
(as I walk back to put my shoes on...)

After she parked and I showed her the nice scratch she put on my bumper, she immediately begged me not to get insurance involved and offered to pay cash right then and there. After a bit, I told her how much I wanted and she gave it to me.

done and done

I gave the motherly advice of, "you need to be more careful!" as we parted ways. I think that's the most lucrative lunch I've ever had. Though I don't recommend having someone scratch up your car just to have a lucrative lunch. Ever since I started this job and parked in the shared parking lot, I've noticed substantial damage to my car. Major scratches on the passenger side...and now bumper. Makes me want to cry a little, I take pretty good care of that thing to have other people bang it up.

All and all, I'm just happy I was there when it happened. Otherwise, she would have driven away without taking responsibility for it!

-Reason #57 I eat lunch in my car-

In other more tastier news, I got basil plant #2 over the weekend. Who does #2 work for!!? {movie, anyone..movie?} I don't know what's happening to #1. It's slowly and sadly fading away into the abyss. I've placed #2 in a new location and will give it a completely different way of living. I'm going for a more pampered lifestyle for the bushy guy, so hopefully he'll enjoy being spoiled and flourish.
photo (47)
Oh and to set the record straight from Friday’s post. I did eat that many burgers last week and I am in fact very sarcastic. Like very… oh and I am addicted to cheese, which is why I don’t buy it and of course leave dead ant bodies lying around…though they clearly aren’t heeding my warning of immanent death.

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Lisa said...

You are all kinds of funny......

Enjoy your day and watch out for those crazy drivers!!

My-cliffnotes said...

How much did you get!!!!

Wendy said...

Hunger Games = awesome! I loved it too! The only part I didn't love was how Katniss got the Mockingjay pin...totally different from the book.

Employee shared parking lots stink. I just bought a new car and I hate having to park at work because people pay no attention when they fling open their doors. Or when they back out of parking spaces. Glad you were eating lunch in the car when that happened!

Bummer about basil plant #1. Hope #2 does much better for you. :-)

Have a blessed week, friend.

Natalie said...

I loved "The Hunger Games" too! But I agree, the few scenes with all the shakiness is prone to cause headaches. Sorry about your car =( I had someone scratch mine earlier last week... only I wasn't there to catch it.

Anonymous said...

hahah, your posts always make me laugh! That totally stinks about your car, at least you were there to handle business! Unfortunately for me, I'm the one doing all the abusing when it comes to my car. It's all kinds of banged up and bruised from various encounters with cinder blocks :)


Anonymous said...

"Who does #2 work for?" -Austin Powers giving the Lucky Charms guy a swirly in the bathroom with Tom Arnold listening intently in the next stall.

I can't believe no one else knew that. What is this world coming to, when people do not know random &/or slightly obscure references to Austin Powers International Man of Mystery? The world is becoming a sad, sad place, my friend. ;)

Jossie said...

I am so glad the last comment revealed the movie! It was driving me crazy! I could picture it but couldn't place it. You know how I am with movie quotes....not great.

meghan said...

I want to know the amount too. That's pretty awesome that you ended up getting cash out of her. WIll you get it fixed or is it pretty not noticeable?

Jess said...

Hunger Games=love (the books, although I did enjoy the movie)

If you ever need a new YA book recommendation, I'm you're gal.

Bummer about the car, but huzzah! for getting cash. How did you even know an amount to ask for? You are savvy.
I'd've been like, uuuhhhhhh you want me to set up the dvd player and change a tire...

I kid


I'm pretty good with following directions for something I've never done before but I usually just "let" (read: make) Dave do that stuff.

Rambling AGAIN...

Amanda Wissmann said...

This makes me laugh for two reasons...

1) You just make me laugh! GOOD FOR YOU!

2) We were in a taxi today, and the guy was pulling over to let us out...and he HIT A GUY! Well, his briefcase. But still! The guy walked over as we were getting out and shouted "HEY! You need to be more careful!"

Sorry your car got hit, but made for a good story!

Heather said...

haha good for you for getting your money (I hope you got at least $300)! And amen to the Hunger Games!!!


Katie said...

Who knew eating lunch in your car would have such perks?!? You may have started a new trend...

Also, why are there such terrible drivers at your office? Hitting other cars shouldn't be that common...

Megan said...

I can't believe that she was going to just leave! Ahhh, hit and run! Haha! Glad you got some money to fix it though!


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