Friday, August 24, 2012

Double the blog awards

Before I begin.

Did you know if you spell a word incorrectly, all you need to do is right click on it? Instantly (provided you aren’t too far off on the spelling) it’ll give you the correct word to click on and auto correct. You can do it anywhere. In word document, an email, google, internet, blogging. Anywhere you’re typing. Right click, bam! correct word.

I do everything possible to not use this magical tool. When I transferred to the 2nd prison I used to work, I joked about how dumbed down I became. The 1st prison was very strict. I knew the rules, I enforced the rules, and I was a sponge learning and applying so much to the job. The 2nd prison was 180 degrees opposite. Everything willy nilly, very few rules applied. They ran it their way..not the 1st prison’s way. Over time, I forgot rules, enforced very little, and reluctantly fell into their way of program. By the 3rd prison I was dumber than a box of rocks.

So anything to bring myself back to intelligence..even something as small as making my brain work to spell a word correctly on its very own, I’ll do.

It took me (because I’m tired, promise) 8 times to type the word: possibility. 8. A word, that if you’ll notice, isn’t even in this post, but coincidentally sparked my little story.

I really should start going to bed earlier.

NOW! Sadly, almost a month ago (I’m slow), my bestest texting buddy in the world, Tabitha at My Cliffnotes, gave me a blog award. Which blog award? I’m not sure…she didn’t say. But a blog award none the less. Hooray! *cough* I rhymed

And the sweet Stephanie at twenty something gave me the One Lovely Blog award too!

Big huge monstrous thanks to both of you. I humbly accept both awards. They both gave me huge lists to do, so allow me to pick and choose from both lists. {I just said “both” 4 times in 2 sentences.}

Actually instead, I’m going to play 3 truths and a lie. - sorry, ladies -  You get to guess which is the lie.

~ I’ve eaten a buffalo burger 5 out of the past 6 days, plus fried cheese globs.
photo (46)~ I still won’t buy cheese due to not being able to control the addiction.
~ I’m not a sarcastic person.
~ I like to leave dead ant bodies on my floors as warning to all the other ants who dare to take me on.

Can you guess? Let’s see how well you truly know me.

Thanks again ladies for the awards!!
Have fun this weekend, my friends. Mine is jam packed with busyness with lots of editing in between. Oh oh I get to see The Hunger Games movie Sunday, too…can’t wait!

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Lauren said...

I think that your lie is your NOT a sarcastic person :)

The rest are total truths! LOL said...

I'm guessing your lie is that you're not sarcastic. :) If I'm correct, that makes your truths all the more enjoyable! You're welcome for the award, well deserved Emily!


Katie said...

LIes. You're definitely sarcastic! But I am amazed about that first one if its true...mmm buffalo burgers!!

bunky153 said...

I'm a bit confused..I know you're the Ant Murderer, I know you're sarcastic (duh), I know you have a cheese problem, so what are the cheese globs doing next to your 5th buffalo burger, hmmm?? By the way, we're planning an intervention concerning the buffalo burgers...

Michelle said...

*Snort* You, NOT sarcastic??? Please. Sarcasm is your super power. Don't ever change. :)

sandi said...

one important question ~ what is a cheese glob and where do i get in line?

leaving ants on the floor is something my son would want to do. everyone above thinks you are sarcastic, but really, that many buffalo burgers?

Natalie said...

Sarcasm is one of your favored word weapons I believe =)

My-cliffnotes said...

Cheese is the lie you tried it after your sebatical and didn't like it!! Right!!!

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

I'm thinking your lie is eating that many buffalo burgers. Not that I'm judging because honestly, if I love a food, I'll eat it every day of the week. Just a guess! :)

Heather said...

I'm going with you don't buy cheese --- I would eat cheese every day if it were in front of me... so if you are like me, you have no control! :)


Behold the Metatron said...

Congrats on your awards. I laughed at leaving the dead ants around as warnings. I totally think that too...


Megan said...

Well we ALL know that you are sarcastic. : ) In a good way, of course! Haha!!


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