Monday, June 9, 2014

Around here

Last week since not having to keep my nose in the computer for school, I got to help out with my sister’s church’s VBS. If you’re not familiar with VBS its Vacation Bible School that lasts a week and is at many different churches throughout the summer. My sister’s husband is a pastor, and they asked me to help out at their church, so I did.

I ended up having a lot of fun since I helped out with volleyball-my most favorite sport. The girls were great especially since they all agreed to call me Coach Awesome. Anyone who willingly calls me awesome gets an A in my book. It was exhausting though. Not having played in a long time, or being so active around a bunch of kids, left me beat every night. Regardless of that, I’m really glad I got to do it.

For the first time in a long time, I’ve picked up a book. I’m actually reading, for fun, and not listening to an audio book. Feels good, but I can tell I’m so rusty. I’m reading Shogun, and I thought it seemed appropriate given all my trips to Japan, and finding out the little town I stay in is the actual town the white shogun (who the book is about) lived! And is buried. What are the odds?

Have you read Shogun? I’m only a couple chapters in, but I’m finally getting to the point where I want to read it vs forcing myself to read it for the sake of doing something.

Since I haven’t officially stated it yet, and I’ve had quite a few people ask me, I’m back in California again. I got back over two weeks ago and it feels like an eternity. Mainly because I worked day and night the first week on the math class, and the second week at the church that each day felt like three. I admit, when I realized I had only been back for a week at one point, I was so discouraged, it really felt like three.

That’s been my emotions lately; up and down, which I’ll divulge in another post at some point, but its been a roller coaster over here. Some happy though, if not comical, is my crazy hair experiences continue to happen, though I had yet another happy ending.

Stopping in Los Angeles at a hair salon before driving home, I had a stylist trim my bangs. That’s all I wanted, was a bang trim (and a dye job), and she did this. (I won’t even tell you how much she charged me either!)
Yes, that would be only half my bangs being trimmed. It was bad. What was worse was her not even seeing she only cut half of them (badly at that), so I kept my mouth shut, waited a few days and found another stylist who made them perfect. At some point, I’ll stop having horrible hair experiences. It’s a wonder I’m bothering keeping these bangs.em156
My mom picked her first carrot of the season. We were so excited and thought it was the cutest.
photo 4 (6)
I babysat my sister’s kids and while her son and his friend were hiding out in his room, I took the opportunity to have a girls secret ice cream treat. This is what being a girl is all about, in my opinion. They were quite excited to have something, just for them, and this was my first experience with Its It ice cream sandwiches. If you’ve never had one, I highly recommend them, they’re delicious!

So, a little snapshot sampling of what’s been going on here. There was one day I had some fun with my camera. Another thing I haven’t gotten to enjoy in a very long time, and it was nice going back to what I used to do-take pictures of fruit trees, and I have to say I loved it. I should be sharing those later this week.

I hope your weekends were nice! Happy Monday!

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The Heart Of A Woman said...

Your bangs look great now! You are the best aunt ever!!!! said...

I take it you did not say anything to the person who cut your hair the first time? Saying nothing gets you no where!!! As much as people need praise they also need to know when they screwed up. Could you imagine thinking you were good but you were not and no one told you?? I would not have paid for that!

You seem quite down about being back in the states. Sounds like it is getting harder & harder to leave your love.

MMMMM those look good.


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