Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Coming up for air

em150                                                                                   my happy place (circa 2012)

I survived! I actually survived the dreaded, horrific, terrible, (and dare I say) plain ol’ stupid math class. Of course not before it gave me a fast and painful kick in the rear at the very end just to remind me how much I really truly hate it.

Math has been the reason why I’ve been absent lately.
Math: the thing that has had me glued to my computer every day for several (and I mean several) hours.
Math: the thing that has kept me from eating, showering, and working out.
Math: I have a place for you…

The class started on May 19th and if you do the math, its only been about two weeks since that date. But I’m done…? Last Monday, my professor decided to email the entire class (the class where 85% of us admitted to hating math) a bit of a challenge. If we were able to finish our entire six week course in two weeks, we wouldn’t be given the rest of the homework for the remaining weeks. We’d be done!

You can bet I took that challenge. Finish math as fast as humanly possible AND have less work than originally planned? Where do I sign?? The thing is, math does not come easily for me. Its one of my worst subjects. It was the subject in school that had me cheat….yes I cheated. I was the one standing at the front of the class reading out of the teacher’s answer book (that he left open on his desk) calling out the answers to the other students. I didn’t get it then and I just barely get it now. So, knowing this I was nervous.

I ended up devoting every single day to this class. I spent from 7-12 hours every day for the past 7 days on this silly subject. I didn’t know any of the formulas, equations, or words prior to this class, so I had to take it slow slow slow. It was exhausting and boy was I pooped each and every day. After week 3’s workload (the most difficult workload), I actually went outside and twirled in the sun, I was so happy. It took three full days to complete that week and its safe to say I will never be a gambler since clearly I can’t figure out the odds or the probability of something. And here I thought it was easy…

On the 7th day, yesterday, I took the final exam, and I bombed it..bad. I couldn’t use my notes explaining all of the crazy formulas (like the other exams) and it showed with each answer I got wrong, but you know what? I don’t care because I’m done. I finished my six week class in two, and I don’t have to ever have another math class again in my life. ever!

Now I have the next four weeks completely off until my next Summer class and this makes me so happy. Complete freedom! I can finally relax and be just a little bit less stressed than I have been these past few weeks, and I really look forward to that. One less weight off my shoulders will feel nice.

Tell me, how much do you love math? You can admit if you love it.

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The Heart Of A Woman said...

I hate math too! I am horrible! I'm glad you are done!!

sandi said...

Yep, I'm a math despiser also. I told my husband once the children are in grade 6 (which Sam will be in next year) that the math homework is all his for the taking. Numbers are his business after all! Glad you are done... and you twirled in the sun; you must have really been happy.


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