Tuesday, June 10, 2014

My tell

Is there one thing you do that is your obvious sign you’re stressed? Your tell? Mine would be picking and biting my cuticles. (gross, I know) Its my worst habit, and no matter how many times I’ve fought the urges, I haven’t been successful. Especially when I’m  really stressed; they’re shredded and there’s no stopping me. I can pretend all day long nothing is bothering me, but one look at my cuticles will reveal all.

Though I’m considerably less stressed at this {current} moment, I still have to fight attacking them. Its like they’re calling my name, taunting me, it’s the weirdest urge and even with every pause I take writing this, my fingers automatically go to them.

I’ve been dealing with an enormous amount of stress lately, and its safe to say my cuticles have suffered dearly because of it. I’ve considered putting band-aids on a couple fingers to block them, but haven’t taken that drastic plunge just yet. What are some ways you cope with your stress? I’m hoping, praying things can level out soon enough but in the meantime, I have to stop this craziness. My fingers are far from pretty.

What’s your ‘tell’?

How do you fight your little stress urges?

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