Thursday, March 1, 2012

Let me explain

How can I bring up a subject for the 2nd time in 1 week without having anyone think the wrong things…

Well, let me point out that A. I’m curious. All the time I’m curious about things, just can’t stop. B. I’m one for information. Just ask my youngest older brother AKA the one closest to me who had to grow up next to me, what his nickname was for me in high school. {info Emi} It wasn’t meant to be a nice name. As he put it, ‘Emi always had info no one cared about. Info Emi is filled with useless information.’

Gee, thanks so much. But it was as such that I said things that others might not find as interesting as I did/do…for instance:

Did you know no 2 bird species flap their wings the same?!?!

{didn’t think so}

…C. I like to be prepared for that far off distant day, because I hate not being prepared. D. I have the opportunity to ask a wonderful forum of women who have the experience and knowledge and why in the world WOULDN’T I want to take advantage of that at this very moment when it doesn’t pertain to my current life?! aaaand E. now this may come as a shock to my mom, sister and any other family and friends who read my blog…
I admit that I in fact DO NOT know everything!
{I’ll wait while you get back in your chair}

SO with that said, I have a question. {yippy}

What’s your take with white noise machines and babies? Do you use them? Or a loud fan to drown the noise out while they sleep so they aren’t disturbed? If you keep this on and they get used to it, does it make it a lot harder when you aren’t using one when they sleep?

How come, if you do not use one, use one? If people ring your doorbell all the time and wake the kids, would a white noise machine or loud fan drown out the *ding dong*? Or will the kids hear it any way?

I’d think I’d want to use them if it meant I could keep baby asleep a little longer with noise. But I can see getting the baby to sleep at any moment with any sound, so they will sleep anywhere.

Now let’s hear it. Are they good to use? Worth it? Do they do the trick? And do you even bother? Why or why not?

you all did so great at my caffeine/baby question that I know you’ll do great with this one. :)


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meme-and-he said...

we don't have a baby...but WE sleep with white noise...a fan. and cannot sleep without it. its probably unhealthy...but our apartment is attached to a dorm full of college students so you CANT blame us!

LeAnna said...

I so hear ya on the info Emi thing. I'm like that, I love knowing stuff. Only I blame it on being the eldest and always feeling the need to be right. ;) Never did white noise machines with my kids, but some people swear by them. I tried to keep things as normal as possible, my kids will sleep through the washing machine and dishwasher, and have even slept through the vacuum cleaner. As little babies the doorbell didn't bother them. but I've found that the older they get the less they sleep through things. In which case I think a white noise machine wouldn't have ever offered any help. I'd rather them sleep through everything as babies (when they sleep more anyway) so you don't have to tiptoe around them.

But, that's just my experience. I have two fairly light sleepers, so I don't know if white noise would annoy or soothe them. There have been days I've carried on with chores (dishwasher, laundry, etc) while they were napping and they slept extra long, but it's never consistent. There are also days it's dead quiet and they sleep better.

And there you have it. The sleep habits of the Flower Mama Children. All in your comment box. :)

Laura said...

I use one for my daugher for a couple of reasons.

When she was a newborn, she's 17 months now, the one that I have (the cloud B sleep sheep) has a "mother's heartbeat" option and it is supposed to remind them of being in the womb. Now, I dont know how much of that is true or just a marketing ploy BUT, it worked and she calmed down to the rythmic beating/wooshing sound.

As she's gotten older, we've used the other options as well, ocean, whale and rain. She didnt care for the rain noise because it's quite pitchy and loud. Her favorites are whale and ocean.

At 17 months old, we use the sleep sheep now because we have 2 dogs that bark sometimes, a husband that watches tv way too loud and it allows me to leave her bedroom and not wake her up.

When she's napping and the sheep is on, I can vacuum without bothering her because it drowns the noise out.

It's also become part of our bedtime routine. Bath, milk, story, sheep... so she's aware that it's part of the puzzle.

Often times, she'll wake in the middle of the night, crawl over to it herself and turn it back on (it's mounted on her crib and has a 45 minute timer) and she'll fall back asleep. So, this tells me, she likes it!

the blogivers said...

We use 2 - one in Davis's room that plays the womb sound (sort of like the "mother's heartbeat" sound mentioned above), and one outside of his room to drown out outside noise (translation: dogs). We also take it with us whenever we're out of town so we don't have to find out if he will sleep without it or not :) If he is taking a nap somewhere and we don't have them, we just use a loud fan.

He has slept through the doorbell ringing a few times - the dogs barking at the doorbell are more likely to wake him up!

For us, it has totally been worth it to use a noise machine. His room is right next to our bathroom and right above our kitchen, so it keeps us from having to tiptoe around!

michellenotwithstanding said...

I only started using a loud fan when my 4th was born. The reasons were two-fold: 1. I wanted my baby to sleep as loooong as possible, and 2. I wanted my baby to sleep as loooong as possible. He still uses it, as do the rest of my kids. We even take them with us when we travel. In my humble opinion, loud fans = AWESOME!

Nicolle said...

I swear by the white noise. We have actually gone through 3 fans now for Boyd, wearing out the motors. We buy a small plug in fan that is very loud and he can't hear a thing in the rest of the house. Of course, when he was an infant I would run the vacuum right next to his bassinett and think I had the best/sweetest/smartest/most amazing baby ever! :) Nothing woke him up. That changed very quickly. I swear by the white noise! We travel with the fan, always. My mom and my mother in law both have fans for him as well. Couldn't do without one!

Tabitha Mahoney said...

I think you're pretty smart and info EM is awesome.

I have no clue about white noise and babies, since I dont have a baby.

What did google say? I know that it's rumored to just let them sleep with noise because then they can sleep anywhere. Or something I did take a class on it but obvi I didnt pay that much attention. Whatev

working out in 10!

carissa at lowercase letters said...

yes! we have them for ours. hunter was just 16 mos old when sage was a newborn. sage cried at night and i didn't want to be up with both babies at 3 am. the white noise blocked out the crying so hunter slept soundly. yes to noise machines! they work like a charm.

Ashley said...

well, no kiddos here...sooo can't really respond. i do love your sense of humor! haha

Megan said...

All of my friends with babies use white noise machines and swear by them! We sleep with a loud fan and a white noise app on my iPhone. We are fans.

christine donee said...

whoa. no two birds? now THATS the kind of information I like!

tell us more! tell us more!

Becky [This Road Called Vida] said...

We have two white noise machines in our room (one on either end) and an old school vaporizer that is great for white noise. I turn one on at night, because we live near train tracks and I CAN'T STAND waking up to the sound of the train going by. It's the most annoying thing about living where we live.
When the baby naps I turn on both noise machines because they've been reconstructing the penthouse right above us since it got destroyed by a fire late last year...and it pretty much sounds like elephants are on the job, not men. So, if Bekah is gonna get any sleep around here, it has to be with the use of a handy dandy noise machine.
Whenever we've gone to stay in someone else's home, we haven't always had the noise machine with us and she falls asleep without a problem.
If we're in a noisy environment though, she'll stay alert and awake & miss her naps... but I think that's mainly because she's a light sleeper overall. She's been a light sleeper since the very beginning.

I watched an episode of Dr. Oz the other day and he said it's great for adults to have white noise machines for themselves even... because so many of us don't get quality sleep at night due to random noises, and we don't even realize it.

Ok, I'm done now.

sandi said...

we live in an urban area and have many sounds through the day/night ~ fire engines, police cars etc. we have never used white noise fans and i really don't know what they do. when our children were infants we played a lullabye cd softly for about 20 minutes. our son is such a sound sleeper i can vacuum right up to his door. the girls are a little lighter sleepers but we don't keep quiet house just so they can sleep. i can't tip toe just cause someone it tired.


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