Wednesday, March 7, 2012

3rd and final round of pictures and a request

I’m rounding out the February photo challenge today. Showing my final pictures of the last 9 days. If you missed it, which how dare you… then  you can catch up with the first round and second round while we wait.


Day 21: Fave photo – I didn’t have a favorite since I was traveling that whole day, but my friend took this of me and her daughter (who, she prefers not to show her face) on her front porch.
Day 22: Where you work – at this moment, I work from my dining table. And truth be told, it isn’t that clean anymore.
Day 23: Your shoes – I love my moccasins. I live in them, literally. Even right now, I’m at the table, with them on. They’re the most comfortable shoes ever.


Day 24: Bathroom cabinet – I use maybe 10% of what’s in there and what I do use is all up front. I should consider getting rid of the things in the back, but I find I’ll probably need them soon enough. Isn’t that always the case?
Day 25: Green – a picture I was editing for someone who is actually buying them. Very excited to  know they’ll be displayed in someone’s home.
Day 26: Night – what’s the best way to fix a cold night? With fire and soup of course, and a big thick blanket to boot.


Day 27: Something you ate – sorry if this looks gross. It now looks gross to me, but its eggs and toast. Nothing fancy, just breakfast one morning.
Day 28: Money – I got this dollar ring when I turned 16 from a customer at the café I used to work. He was a biker riding through our town and when he learned it was my 16th birthday, he fashioned this for me. I’ve had it for almost 15 years and never plan to use it. I always wished I could make these w/the 1 showing.
Day 29:  I’m listening to – Michael Jackson’s “hold my hand”. G-man plays this song regularly for me and every time I hear it now, I think of him.


In other news, I’m helping gather donations for a live/silent auction for a non profit organization, Rick Alonzo Ministries and wanted to see if there’s any handmade businesses or business owners who would want to donate something toward the fundraiser.

Not only are they raising money for his daily ministries to help the youth and high school kids, but also to fund a South African missions trip later this year to help and spread the gospel.

If you’d like to donate anything, please let me know. You’ll receive a contribution receipt for your donation.

Happy Hump Day!!

{{update: to clarify, I’m not going on the mission trip to South Africa, but rather Rick Alonzo is. I’m only helping gather donations for the auction to raise money for him going.}}

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Lisa @ honibun@blogspot said...

Are you going to be joining the mission trip to SA???????

meme-and-he said...

I would like to telaport myself to day 26. Please and thank you.

The Blonde Blogshell said...

I'm from South Africa!! BRAVO!!!

Where in SA will you be going?
Much love, Bailey from Vanilla Blonde

Tatiana said...

Love your heart girly. Way to go on making the world a better place :-)

Tabitha Mahoney said...

I'm not crafty or I'd so give you something fancy for donation.

Those dollar rings are so fun.

Sent you an amazing link about cheese lol


Ross said...

Great pictures! Looks like you and I are busy with the same type of project, I'm donating a couple of my pieces to a live/silent auction this weekend for a fundraiser for our ministry partners.

Megan said...

Ahhhh, I'm so excited that you are going on a mission trip!! Those are life changing!!!! That dollar ring is so neat!

Megan said...

Oops! : )


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