Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My fox lent

Tell me I’m not the only one who says fox instead of faux, for fun?

I don’t do lent. Never have, and honestly, I probably never will. A lot of people do, for all different reasons, but its just not for me.

With that said, I realized there’s been something I’ve stopped eating. Something that I love. If you know me, you already know what it is because I’ve declared my love for it over and over again. I would eat it every single day, sometimes twice..sometimes three times a day, that’s how close we were. Not to mention I’ve sworn on it, to keep a promise.


I didn’t do it intentionally at first. Once I got back home from HI, I had no food and it was too expensive at my local stores, so I vowed to wait for the big Costco run to get it. But then by day 6 of not having it, I started thinking about not getting any at all.

I was telling my friend over the weekend how I’ve stopped eating cheese (by cheese I mean my sharp cheddar cheese), and I went on and on about it until she said, ‘except for that pizza you had Wednesday.’

Darn! Would you believe I completely forgot there was cheese in pizza?!!

Well, that one day I had 2 medium sized slices, I felt horrible. I don’t know if it was the pizza itself or the cheese but I certainly didn’t feel well after.

Every day before and after, I’ve felt great. Flat stomach, no bloating (TMI?), light and generally good. I’m still figuring out whether or not it’s me cutting out cheese as the reason or that I’ve been eating pretty healthy but I like the way I’m feeling.

I’m going to see how long I can go without having my beloved cheddar cheese. Some days are pretty tough, especially when I see my tortillas and tortilla chips sitting there all sad and lonely, wondering why I haven’t had nachos or quesadillas since I’ve been home, but I’m hopeful I can overcome!

Did you give up something for lent? Or in general just to do it?

I’m learning that the older I get the more my body doesn’t like certain foods. Maybe it never liked them and I would ignore it but I can’t ignore it anymore.


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Nicolle said...

What I love about Lent is that many religions observe it, and it's just a really beautiful time to reflect and sacrifice and be charitable. I started observing Lent a few years ago. I give up something every year, and I love the practice of it.

Sincerely Sara Cate said...

I don't normally celebrate Lent by giving something up. I agree with Nicolle about it being a time of reflection. However, I did give up diet coke this season as a healthy choice. Feeling great!

Best of luck with the cheese!

Nicolle said...

I forgot to add, I bet you are feeling better b/c cheese has TONS of salt in it. I didn't know this until recently.


psychelyn said...

I think it's normal that as our bodies grow older, the nutrition it needs change too, and probably the signal comes through out taste buds. I have noticed many changes with my eating habit as well. I never liked soups before but I now I crave for it. I used to like very salty food but now I don't enjoy too much salt.

carissa at lowercase letters said...

here's what i think. i think Lent is a time that is spent in quiet reflection, meditating on the upcoming events of the crucifixion. it's a solemn time. and to me, giving up something like sugar does not make me reflect more on Christ. i also think if you are going to give up something it should be done quietly. just like fasting. bc it is fasting. that's just my opinion. and i promise i say it humbly. : )

Megan said...

I could never give up cheese. Oh my gosh. I'm so impressed with you!!

Daisy said...

Haha, I like how your friend threw you under the bus like that. I 'm trying to give up sweets these next to weeks but for the wedding. Ahhh!

Tabitha Mahoney said...

Love cheese, you can do it. But not forever, Cheese will come after you!!!

Lib at Truly His said...

I love cheese. I love dairy for that matter. My senior year of high school I went one year without even dairy... could not believe I did it either... but it was worth it :)

bunky153 said...

no...cheese..? we won't have anything to bond over anymore..

the lovebirds said...

oh goodness- I love cheese. That would be a hard one to give up!

Tatiana said...

Good for you for cutting (out) the cheese! Hardy-har-har. Man I'm funny. Did you not miss me?
Aaaaannnnyyyy way.... Giving up social media for about 1.5 weeks was a part of reflexion for me. But it wasn't really completely lent related. Even though that has helped encourage my idea.
I've never done the lent thing either, but I believe that the idea behind it it's way deeper than what most people make it seem. And I just can't get all deep like that on q. It's gotta be in my own timing. You know what I'm saying?

Marshall said...

I don't give up anything for lent either. What could compare with Christ's sacrifice?

I wish i were as disciplined as you are and could give up chocolate the way you have with cheese.. Its like crack to me!

Katie said...

I'm the same with cheese and really all milk prodcuts...so I have to choose carefully if its worth it to eat it! {or I'll seriously pay later...tmi?!} And red meat! Its funny how the older we get the more we actually buy into the whole 'eat for fuel and not pleasure' thing, huh? Keep strong lady!! :)


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