Thursday, March 15, 2012

My clean record

I have to acknowledge all of your fantastic comments yesterday. I loved every single one of them. You ladies are incredibly insightful; so thank you for giving me your opinions on that subject!


They say when you’re working in a prison that its not a matter of if you’ll get assaulted but when.
Also that at some point, you will witness someone being killed or find a dead body.

I’m happy to say in my 6 years, I never was assaulted and I never saw a dead body. But that doesn’t mean that I didn’t come close to either.

I was technically assaulted. An inmate did hit me. Hit me so hard in fact, I flew a good 10ft, ending with a concussion, whiplash and a permanent partial disability, not to mention a new form of migraine.

However, it was an accident. I knew it. He knew it. The 15 Officers in the building that witnessed it knew it. So after he apologized a good 100 times and made sure I wasn’t going to say he did it intentional, he was clear to keep working, while I got checked out by medical.

There were other occasions for me to get assaulted. I’m thankful I never had a hit out on me. Or if I did, I never knew. I did have my co worker protecting me after all, but I’m fairly certain I didn’t. Though, I put myself in enough positions to have it happen. You’d be amazed at how many inmates hate having a young white female tell them what to do.

And how the young white female hated when they didn’t do something she said.
graduation day. I was such a young {and fresh looking} pup


can we all pause and acknowledge what 2 years did to my face?!! Prison will take it out of you, I’m tellin’ ya! any way…

I remember the first time I ever witnessed a fist fight. It was far away from where I was but I could tell they were about to fight. It was weird…and then they did.

But I came thisclose to having one die on my watch. I was meant to work my building one night, but got someone to work it for me instead. I hated that building, so any way to get out of it, I was all for doing.

There were 3 inmates doing drugs and one began to overdose. Since it was in the middle of the night, they thought the guy could possibly ‘walk it off’ and not tell anyone, including the Officer that was working for me that night. But when they noticed that he was only getting worse they thought the next best thing to getting medical attention {because after all that would just get them in trouble for doing drugs…} was to inject instant coffee into his vein.

should I pause so that’ll sink in…? Nah, I’ll keep going.

Wouldn’t you know, that killed him instantly. {you really should be careful with that instant coffee…}

Again, since they didn’t want to get caught, they put his blanket over him as if he were sleeping, got in their beds and went nighty night.

The poor Officer had to stay for hours to do a death report which is..well, a killer to do. {hardy har}, not to mention going under investigation for the death, until it was cleared and it was a big huge headache, that left everyone leery to work for me since ‘inmates die on her watch’.

Thanks to him, that kept my record quite clear. Morbidly, I’ve viewed several murders and murder scenes. Gruesome stuff that I’ve kept on my thumb drive that I really don’t know what to do with, since I can’t quite bring myself to watch them anymore. ..being all girly now and all.

Yet, I’m thankful I was spared. I was spared of so many situations that I truly would and even still do thank God for. I’m pretty sure He knew I could only have so many things give me nightmares.

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LeAnna said...

Agh, my FIL has awful stories of prison. He retired out of a federal prison because an inmate killed himself, but of course the family claims it was a MURDER...Big HUGE hooplah over that one, that's still not settled (that was like 10-15 yrs ago?).

SO, I'm thankful you were spared all of that. And, note to self on the ol' instant coffee...yeeks...

Also your "Might Also Like" section at the bottom of this post has that guy with the HUGE mustache, and it cracks me up everytime I look over this popup comment box. :P

carissa at lowercase letters said...

Girl. You have witnessed tough stuff. So tough! I'm thanking God that He watched over you like crazy. And also, I know you were hurt (which sucks) but can I say I'm glad you're not there anymore? Because I am. I'm excited to see where our good Lord takes you next.

Lisa @ honibun@blogspot said...

I am so grateful you were spared and have a "clean record". I will never really think about what goes on in a prison in the same way again.

God Bless

bunky153 said...

All those years of me praying a hedge around you must have worked!!

Katie said...

caaa-razy. I still can't believe you were a prison officer! What a seriously crazy, intense job. I may have missed it, but did you ever write about what got you started in that work?

Dilan Dilir said...

nice photos :D

Tabitha Mahoney said...

So glad you're retired. woot woot.

Stephanie said...

I'm so glad you are out of that situation...I hope there is some good to look back on though. : )

psychelyn said...

It's kinda scary to witness scenes in prison. I'm just curious, did it make you become less scared of bad people around after working in the prison?

And by the way, you still look pretty. Prison didn;t take it all from you. Your radiant smile keeps your glow :)

Megan said...

I'm SO glad you were spared from some of that stuff. Ugh. It's sad that that has to be a job that we even need, ya know?!


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