Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday letters

This week has been all sorts of interesting. We’re back to secrets at work and I’m smack dab in the middle of them with keeping things quiet so the ‘soon to be fired’ co worker won’t catch on. Screening resumes and creating questions to ask in the interviews. The interviews that I won’t even take part in.

My favorite part was when an applicant didn’t follow my instructions and instead of emailing me the information like I said, came into the office to hand deliver it while the co worker was sitting just steps away. I became a blubbering idiot doing everything possible to get her to stop talking (because she wouldn’t stop talking). It was one big mess…and then I proceeded to lie to the co worker when she asked who she was.

Oh, the tangled webs we weave.

Interviews start tomorrow while she’s out of the office. Feel free to chime in with some great interview questions that should be asked. The ones that will make or break someone.

I look forward to the end of this. Thankfully this 3 day weekend coming up is going to help me decompress from all the latest.

Dear 3 day weekend, you’re awesome. I look forward to the fun we will have. {and by fun I mean sleeping in past 6 and not leaving the couch unless I absolutely have to}
Dear Sandi, you’re the best for sending me homemade cookies. I wouldn’t mind getting a package of your cookies every month. I’m not picky, you can make a different kind every time. Surprise me even. I now look forward to this tradition we have just established.
Dear G-man, 10 more days before I get to see your cute little face.
Dear Mexico vacation, 6 more weeks. 6 more glorious weeks before you get to spoil me rotten..oh yeah, and G-man too. 24 hour free room service? You truly know the way to my heart.
Dear mind, this whole going blank thing every time I open my computer to blog is a little annoying. So is the fact that you come up with a whole bunch of things to write about while I’m driving and unable to write it down. And of course you don’t let me remember it the second I step out of the car. Its like you’re playing tricks on me.
Dear Downton Abbey, I read the spoiler for this season and know everything that’s going to happen…whoa is all I’m going to say.
Dear fellow friends, let me save you some grief and tell you to never ever ever buy a cheap store bought brand of panty liners because you thought that surely they couldn’t be much different than Kotex. Wrong. You will hate them. You’re welcome (..and sorry for the tmi, I feel its my duty to not let you make the same mistake)

random picture from Hawaii for your viewing pleasure
Have a fabulous 3 day weekend, if you get it. I might actually take my camera out to play like I’ve been saying {to myself} that I’ll do. I actually have a vision of what I want to capture, so we’ll see if I can pull it off.

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sandi said...

a one time occurance is now a tradition... i must mark this down on my calendar so i can remember. the way i see it was those cookies were a bonus for delivering sweet kallie a movie for her recovery. but we all have our own take on the situation. maybe i will surprise you once in a while.

Silver {A Silver Snapshot} said...

Oh Downton Abbey. I watched it online when it was released in the UK, and it's so hard keeping it all in when everybody else watches it. So much goes down! Haha, Happy Friday!

Silver @ A Silver Snapshot

Megan said...

How sad that your work is so shady when it comes to firing people! They need to just suck it up and tell the person up front. Jeesh!!

I want to come to Mexico with y'all! Emory, too! How romantic! ; )

Erin Pasillas said...

Dude. I would be a wreck if lying was required at work. I couldn't handle it. Don't know how you do!

Can't wait to see how your 'vision' plays out:)

Jess said...

OY with the secret keeping...that cannot be easy or fun. Hope your weekend was full of sleep and couch sitting. Mine was full of croupy, feverish baby swapping. It was awesome.

Jennifer Blair said...

Um, I'm kind of tempted for you to tell me the Downton secrets!!! Hmmm...

My-cliffnotes said...

Wait I thought we were going to Mexico

Katie said...

Shady shady business. Stinks you have to be a part of it all :/
Take me to Mexico with you? Please? I'm not above bribing...
And seriously, I'm dying with this Downton knowledge. I want to watch all of the episdoes NOW. Its killing me to know and not be able to watch...

The Heart Of A Woman said...

The panty liner comment made me laugh! I hate that work is shady! Mexico!!! It's going to be great and I can't wait to hear all about it!


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