Thursday, January 10, 2013

Remember when it was Christmas

In case you forgot, I thought I would remind you with mine. I spent it in Hawaii and I am so glad I got to spend this past Christmas there. It was a very memorable one for me.
When I walked into the apartment I was greeted by a beautiful 4ft tree, G-man bought. I didn’t know it until that moment, that he was really in the Christmas spirit this time around. Buying snowflake confetti and Christmas lights. Getting the tree and waiting for me to arrive to decorate it together, stocking hangers, hot cocoa, apple cider and ingredients to make homemade eggnog..just to name a few.

Even going so far as to turn the a/c on high so we could get under the blanket, while drinking hot apple cider. It was great.


We moved the tree around the room, placed it on the side table and used my red sarong as a ‘tree skirt’ and began decorating it. It was beautiful. We would just sit and stare at it each night watching it glow in the dark room.

I hadn’t expected him to get me any gifts. He got me Montague already as an early Christmas present so when I saw gifts under the tree, I was shocked…and then panicked since I didn’t get him many things.

Christmas Eve, while he ran to the mall to get me even more things, I ran a couple blocks down the road to Long’s Drugs (how bad am I!?) and loaded up on all his stocking stuffers and some extra little gifts for him. That night, I crafted. Which is rare for me, but I really wanted to make something special for him, so I used the mug idea I’m sure you’ve seen going around the internet.
photo (9)
I confess, still to this day, I feel guilty I drew California and not my home state of Nevada. I feel like I betrayed it in some way and vow to make 2 more mugs to add to these. A Hawaii mug and a Nevada mug, so NV and MS can be connected (as those are our home states) and CA and HI will connect given his whole time there I’ve been in CA. It only seems fitting I correct it.

When I opened my gift of the {obvious} wine bottle, I was so surprised it was a French wine to remember our time we were in Paris over Christmas and New Year 2 years ago.em172
The thoughtfulness of that gift meant so much to me. That meant more than the gift cards and even Monty. He’s pretty special this one of mine. I think I’ll hold onto him for a little bit.

We made a traditional Southern Christmas dinner with all things “Thanksgiving”. G-man grew up eating Thanksgiving dinner for both holidays and I got to experience that with him this Christmas. It was delicious and filling and fun cooking alongside him as he worked so hard on all his dishes and pies, while I stood back fighting the urge to make helpful suggestions on how to stir without splashing and keeping from having him do things my “easier” way. It was difficult since I’m more comfortable in the kitchen, but I wouldn’t trade him being there eager to cook for anything.

I now have a glimpse of what future Christmases will be like making these dishes side by side, and I think I like it very much.

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Natalie said...

Looks like a wonderful Christmas! And I think your mugs turned out great =D

The Heart Of A Woman said...

He is super romantic! I love the pictures!

meme-and-he said...

even though you betrayed nevada, I do love those cute mugs. That has been on my DIY list for some time.

Megan said...

Those mugs are SO cute! What a sweet idea!!


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