Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Mentally Monday

But its so nice knowing its really Tuesday. This 3 day weekend I was given was glorious in every way. Hopefully you guys were able to enjoy it just as much. Each day I got to do something different, meaning I actually got off the couch 2 days of the 3. Shocking for sure.

Though I’ll go into it in another post, Saturday evening I went out and chased the sun. It was so nice not rushing to the spot I planned on going, to shoot the sunset. I actually left early! The only nerve wracking part was knowing people who were driving by could see me. I still struggle with knowing I’m visible but I pushed it far down and enjoyed watching the sunset while working on “my vision” I mentioned Friday.
People talk about their passions and I think I’m ready to admit my passion is photographing sunsets. I love it. I can’t get enough of it and I want to hone my skills to take the most spectacular sunsets imaginable. It would be such an honor to travel the world to capture sunsets. Silly maybe to some, but beyond wanting to be that fitness model in magazines who demonstrates workout moves, this is my passion.

I’m still on the fence with enjoying family portraits. It could be my newbie status, but I don’t enjoy it. Though I’m excited to see if a friend and *cough* sister a family member will allow me to photograph their birth {provided I can be there}. My friend is due in 3 weeks and she said she’d think about it. Think of how fun it would be to capture it all? They don’t know what they’re having and I can just picture how fun it would be to capture that, can’t you??

Within my 3 day weekend, I got to hit up 5 stores. 5! My feet were crying at the end of the day. I should learn to wear better shoes, but after the craziness of the Dollar Store and Hobby Lobby (holy tons of people in there), Target offered the calm quiet I was needing. I sure love Target. Though it was quickly followed by the craziness of Costco and then the grocery store. But the best part of it all? It was 66 degrees and there was no way this {self professed} recluse could stay indoors, so I went to my favorite place that I’ve missed dearly… the bleachers!
photo (11)I really was that happy to be running bleachers. It’s the best workout for me and I could do it every other day if the weather stayed like it did Monday. I’m not like those crazies who can go out in the cold. I need some warmth.

I feel like I just wrote you all a letter. This post reads like a letter, so feel free to write back. :) And since no letter is without questions:
* What is the one thing you got to do this weekend that you haven’t been able to all winter?

* Do you know your passion? Or have an idea what it is?

* Do you have more than one passion?

* What time do you normally go to bed?
{no relevance to the post whatsoever but curious all the same :) }

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Naomi Elle said...

1. I cleaned my stairway... haven't done it all winter because we keep it COLD in our house. But it was a record 47 degrees on Saturday (heat wave), so I went a little crazy on the house-cleaning.

2. I have a passion for people reading, studying and knowing the Bible for themselves.... rather than letting other people tell them what to think. I might have watched a few too many churches use the Bible as a weapon, and it irks me.

3. And yes, I have more than one passion. I also am super-passionate about coffee, my husband, photography, weddings and lots of other things. Including SUNSETS. They were my original photography inspiration before I decided that I didn't mind photographing people. :D

4. Ummm. Now that my husband is back in college, and we both work full-time, I try to stay up with him while he studies and I work on other stuff.. until about 2 am each night. Yes, it's crazy.

And.. I'm glad that I wandered over to your blog via mutual twitter friends and have really enjoyed catching up on your life!

Katie said...

It was such a good long weekend here, too! I love that you're back to the bleachers...hows the weather out there in general? Will you be able to get out more this week?

Those sunset pictures are seriously gorgeous.

And, since you asked... :)

I was able to start a new book! December was crazy for us and I'm just now back to a new one. I can barely put it down!

My passion is helping people. Especially the people most others avoid: sick, negligent, etc. Other than that, I just really love encouraging people. That sounds silly, but its a legit passion of mine!

Ugh...did you read my post today? I usually get out of bed at 7-7:30, but lately have been trying to work on my morning routine. So now its 5:45-6:15. You?!

Katie said...

And then I read your question again and realized I answered wrong. Ha! Now that grad school is done, I am usually in bed by 9:45 or 10pm. We're cool like that around here :)

Megan said...

You really do look so happy to run bleachers. You freak. ; ) I def think it would be cool to have the birth photographed!! I almost decided to do that, but changed my mind at the last minute.

The Heart Of A Woman said...

I couldn't watch them cut the cord on my own child so I think I might would pass out if I watched another birth haha! It would be awesome to have the pictures though! I still stayed inside this weekend even though it was a beautiful weekend :( I am ready to get out! I did cook a meal for my family! I loved doing it too!

Natalie said...

Man you got a lot done for your extended weekend! I pretty much laid on the couch the whole time and caught up on my Hulu viewing. But I did make it to Target one day for a few valentine things (red and pink m&ms are a must), so I'm with you on it's wonderfulness. Love the sunset shots too! =D


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