Monday, January 28, 2013

Many lessons learned

Things I didn’t know going into my Saturday:
- staying in bed for 30 minutes after my alarm clock went off would prove to be a very bad idea
- taking an hour to chop 2 cucumbers, 7 pieces of bacon, 2 avocados, cilantro and about 20 cherry tomatoes while slowly sipping my coffee, would lead to the rest of the morning in chaos.
- thinking I had plenty of time to cook the remaining {big} dishes was foolish
- not thoroughly reading 2 recipes would send me into an insane panic and a frantic call to my mom.
- wearing a thick heavy robe while frantically running around the kitchen only makes things worse.
- pausing to tweet would leave me wondering why I paused to tweet {and waste more time}
photo (14)- not realizing I had never worked with puff pastry nor know what to do with it, which resulted in another frantic call to my mom. {how was I to know you fold it open!?}
- giving myself only 15 minutes before everyone arrived to do my hair, change out of my pj’s, clean the disaster that was my kitchen, make the drinks, take the breakfast bake out of the oven, and scrape the stuck apple tart off the cookie sheet would darn near do me in.

Then everyone arrived and filled my home. 14 showed. {the most that’s ever been in my home at one time}. I hoped for 15 and I wasn’t disappointed in the least. They had a great time, I had a great time, they loved my food and I gave away a lot of fun prizes and jewelry.

I had grand plans to take photos of everything from the food to my setup before everyone arrived but I left myself no time for it.

Finally after the last 2 guests left, my friend and I jumped in her truck to head south to witness thousands of migrating cranes land for the night in the wetlands. Me armed with Monty and her with her “new” camera that she bought from me just minutes earlier. I’m so happy to see my old camera go to someone I know and can help learn it.
It was the perfect way to relax, sitting out in the middle of a wildlife preserve, listening to the birds fly over, after such an insanely busy morning.

How was your weekend, my friends?

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Lisa said...

I wondered how it all turned out....I was actually more interested in how many people would show up. Inviting over 300 people would have me in a flat spin!!!

Kristin said...

Ahhhh!!! I'm so glad you survived!!! :-)

Lauren said...

I'm sorry you were frazzled! But this post made me laugh! I can only imagine I would have been the same way! :) Glad it went well!

Megan said...

Hahaha, I seriously hate being stressed like that...I get so hot and start sweating and then I just get upset and teary!! I love that you stopped to tweet, though. Important things first! ; )

sandi said...

oh dear friend ~ i need to introduce you to the world of *night before casser, um bakes*. you make them the night before and bake them the next morning. i have a french toast recipe and one similar to the cheese sausage etc that you made. even with those in my back pocket i have still been caught in hot rollers when guests have arrived early!

love the fact that you tweeted while stressed. and i am sure those comment and suggestion cards are going to be full of wonderful things.

My-cliffnotes said...

Staying in bed always seems like such a great idea though

Jennifer Blair said...

Haha!!! I loved the progression...I hope you don't mind me laughing. :) I remember seeing that tweet.

Isn't it great to have your old camera go to someone you know? My old, old one when to my cousin. I like to know that my babies are taken care of. :)

Katie said...

So glad it went well!!!! And move to Indiana (or just the midwest?) and teach me to use my camera? Maybe? Think it over.

Erin Pasillas said...

OMG... my heartburn from Indian food, that I thought I avoided, just flared up reading this post!!! DUDE...

So, I thought a CM bought your cam? Cool that you sold it to a friend:) I sold my first old one to my friend too... but guess what... I haven't had the time to give her a lesson!!! AAANNNND the *Bad Friend of the Year* goes to..... ME!!!


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