Tuesday, January 15, 2013

He shoots he scores!

Anyone who’s anyone knows two things about me: I’m a stick in the mud {its true} and the last sport you’ll ever hear me talk about is hockey.. well, and soccer. {it took me 3 times to spell ‘soccer’, that alone should tell you how much I don’t care for it}. So when a friend asked me if I wanted to go with her to a jr. hockey league game, I made a face. {Thank goodness we were texting to spare her my face.} I actually had a jewelry party the night of the game, so I gracefully bowed out.

As each day went by, the more I thought about it, the more I thought it “could” be fun if I took my Monty and new zoom lens along, but again….I had that party, so I pushed the thoughts away because I don’t go to hockey games. My sister does, not me.

2 days before the party/game, I got a text from my hostess saying she can’t wait for her party on Saturday. I did a double take, shot her a text back doing the whole, ‘oh, you mean Friday right?..at 7..haha’. But no, the woman wrote the wrong date down and now the party was “conveniently” moved to Saturday. I went through the great debate of telling my friend I was free and letting it slip past. >good friend alert<

Finally, hours before the game, I sent a text saying I was free only to have her say she gave the ticket away to someone else. I had my answer. I didn’t have to watch a hockey game and was free to go home and veg…because on a Friday night, if I don’t have a jewelry party, I veg. {remember…stick. in. the. mud}

I got home from work, turned my heater on, turned the fireplace on and sat my little butt on the couch. And you know, when the butt hits the couch, its not moving for nothing. Not food, not the phone, nothing. For over an hour I didn’t move (I promise, all this is relevant to the story) when I decided to finally get up. 2 phone calls, 1 voicemail and 2 texts were sitting their waiting for me on my phone I left in the kitchen, from my friend. {it was on silent}.

The ticket was available again and it was all mine if I wanted. The turmoil raged inside, to go or not to go. I “could” have fun, but I could also have fun staying in front of my fireplace on the couch. With great effort I called back saying I’d meet her at the arena. Slapped on my boots, coat and hat and headed out the door.

The first sign, I knew it would be a good night was when the parking attendant only had me pay $2.50 when I didn’t have the $7 that was required.

The second sign was the Mexican food I ordered, and the third sign were the plush luxury leather seats we were sitting in. We had some great seats.
photo (10)

I didn’t understand a thing that went on. Whistles were constantly blown, players were jumping over the wall in the middle of plays, penalty boxes were filled, I didn’t have a clue. But I had fun!
I was rooting for the blue team for most of the first quarter until my friend leaned over and said we were the green and white team.
I went into this game telling myself I didn’t want to see a bunch of grown men fight. What’s the point of that? But as the game went on, I was itching for them to fight. Not sure if it was the atmosphere of hockey but I wanted to see a good fight! I was not obliged. Pushing, yes. Fighting, no. I left dejected.
There came the point in the game where they had the kissing cam. And let me tell you, they should have dubbed it the gross, oh my gosh! they’re totally making out with tongue, cam. All their faces say it all. Horrified, embarrassed, entertained, grossed out, dumbfounded… it was that bad!
Toward the end, we all had the chance to throw a puck in the bucket for $200. I did not win the $200. It ruined the whole experience for me…

We lost. We lost bad. 0-3 but all this has now made me want to see a real NHL hockey game. I don’t know who I am, but I’m now oddly into hockey. Mainly so I can hear how hard they slam each other against the glass…and maybe because I want to see a real fight, but mostly so I can see what a real game looks like by real players.

Have you gone to hockey games?

What’s your opinion on them and do you wish for them to fight as much as I did?

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Lisa said...

I've always wanted to see an ice hockey game live....for the fights!!! I know I have a bloodlust thing...

Katie said...

Ha! I love this. I'm such a stick in the mud, too. I mean, if comfy pants are on and bra is off...I'm not leaving the house.

I looove hockey games! Or any live sport, really. The atmosphere is so fun. but on tv? no thanks!

sandi said...

i LOVED this post! i enjoy reading your stuff but this made me laugh ~ cheering for the wrong team was priceless! in college our school team was pretty good. two of my friends (one from canada and one from north dakota) were on the team. my roommate and i went to as many games as we could. lots of fun and a different environment for this southern raised girl.

our son loves all sports and we are teaching our girls the rules and how to enjoy sports; i love that my girls can talk *double dribble and traveling* while playing with their polly pockets.

great pictures! your lighting was better than mine during the basketball game. oh well, there are still seven more weeks left in the season.

meme-and-he said...

I went to a few hockey games growing up, and they were fun, although I can't claim I knew what was actually going on in the game :)
You took great photos! That would be a difficult setting to shoot in.

Bon Bon said...

I vaguely remember going to a hockey game here in Portland, a looooong time ago! Definitely remember lots of chaos on the ice:-) xoxo

The Heart Of A Woman said...

I've never been to a hockey game. You made it sound fun though! The look on those people's faces during the make out session is priceless.

Lauren said...

Ok, I LOVE that picture of the audence watching the "kissing" cam!! I busted out laughing! It must have been some gross kiss.. .

I have only been to a couple live sport games. Baseball and football. Its different when your there. I never watch them on tv. LOL

I would have wanted to see a fight... I just know it :)

Megan said...

Oh my gosh, that picture of the faces watching the kiss cam is hilarious!! The refs faces! Heck, I don't even know if they are called refs or umpires or what in hockey, but they are funny!!

Jess said...

I like the black (I think anyway, should I say dark?) guy in the back row, with his hands up by his face.
I have enjoyed a hockey game or two but only on tv because I am from Detroit, and we love our Red Wings. I think I was desensitized to enjoying sports on tv, but if I'm sitting there watching...totally love it, whatever it is.
Except maybe tennis...and cheerleading...


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