Friday, March 8, 2013

I propose…

to have Megan tell you the cutest proposal story around. Because it’s just that. the cutest! Megan, if you don’t know her..and seriously, how do you not know her!? is the sweetest, kindest, cutest thing you ever did see. She’s southern.. so there it is there. And what’s even greater about her is she just had their first baby girl, Emory. Who is adorable in every way.


Hi there Amazing Grapes readers! My name is Megan and my little space on the internet is Mackey Madness. I was excited when Emily told me the "theme" of these guest posts was love because I'm a major girly cheeseball and I love talking about love, especially my love.
My husband is a total "man's man." He likes to be outdoors, hunt, fish and fix things...basically anything dirty and active. Believe it or not, somewhere in there is a guy who likes to do sweet things and I really melt when that sweet side comes out. In our four years together, he has done so many things for me. Today I am sharing one of the most romantic things he's done: our proposal story!
One Friday, he came home and told me to pack a bag and whisked me off to a bed and breakfast in a nearby city. We spent the day strolling along the river and shopping at little boutiques downtown.
Just when I thought things couldn't get any better, he took me to a seafood restaurant on the river for dinner. The views were stunning! When we got back to the bed and breakfast, he covered my eyes for a few seconds...and when I opened them there was a horse drawn carriage waiting to take us around the city.
After the carriage ride, we were walking back upstairs to our room and he told me to cover my eyes. He opened the door and when I walked in I saw a huge silver box, roses, diet coke (my fave) and chocolate covered strawberries. He told me to open the silver box and when I did, there was a little bride teddy bear and a little groom teddy bear. I shrieked, of course, and turned around to find him down on one knee.
He spoke the most beautiful words...and I said yes!
Now we've been married for a 2 years and 5 months and marriage just couldn't be any sweeter!
Thanks for having me, Emily!
Happy weekend to you all!! I’ll be returning full of stories and pictures, so prepare yourselves!
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Natalie said...

Aww! Cute! =D

Ashley said...

I follow Megan's blog and hadn't heard this story! Thanks for sharing. :)

Amanda Wissmann said...

I already follow her, but you're right..she's adorable!

CANT WAIT to hear all about your adventure in Mejico! ;)

Happy weekend!

Megan said...

Thanks for having me!! : )


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