Tuesday, March 26, 2013

You’re the bee’s knees

A little something crazy happened yesterday. Something that completely altered the normal “Monday” making it a little bit more exciting than it should have been.

We had a run in with some bees. Ok, I wouldn’t exactly say “some”, rather hundreds upon hundreds actually.

I remember walking into work through our back door (where the parking lot is) and seeing a bee flying close by. Half of my brain didn’t think much of it, but the other half thought it was strange to have a bee around when in the past year of being there, they never flew around the door.

Fast forward 3 hours later and my co worker quickly comes in the front door telling me I need to call the city because there’s swarms of bees in the parking lot. I’m a believe it when I see it girl and ran to the back door, only to find 4 other co workers pressed against the window staring out. I felt like we were in a movie as I saw hundreds of angry bees flying frantically around our door and the entire parking lot.

They completely took over the whole area and no one knew how they got there!

I call number after number for the city and can’t get through to anyone and finally a co worker walks to the pet store 2 doors down (that sells local honey) and asks if they can call someone. They said the bee guy was already on his way. By the time I got to the back window again, the bees had migrated toward the pet store. Still swarming but half of them were gone.

It was weird. and creepy. By 1pm, I walked out to my car (to take my lunch, as I do) and looked over to where the bees had been drawn to and that’s when I saw the boxes of beehives. Stacked on top of each other with hundreds of these bees on them. 

If you look closely, you can see the bees flying around.photo 1 (11)photo 5 (3)I couldn’t believe it. This pet store owner actually brought beehives to our place of business. We share the lot with them and one other business (who thankfully was closed that day) but the risk they put everyone in, is pretty astounding. To put into perspective just how close they are to us, my co worker walked over to get a closer photo than what I was willing (I only went to half way of the tailgate), but imagine from her to where I’m standing, completely covered in angry bees.

photo 3 (9)photo 4 (8)
They stayed there all day long, and I imagine they’ll be there in the morning when I show up, but I don’t know how this is possibly allowed.

I have half a mind to walk over to that pet store tomorrow and demand some free honey for all of this! Pin It Now!


Blair @ Wild & Precious said...

What the heck!?!??? To creepy. Reminds me if My Girl! I'm kinda allergic so NO thanks!!! Just leave the honey and get out if my way bees!!

The Heart Of A Woman said...

Have y'all found out what they are doing there and how long they will be there?

sandi said...

fresh raw honey would be a great treat for that scare! that is sort of random and strange for them to not have that area covered or more secure. that would have been awful to be attacked.

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

eeek! scary. but um, i must say, this would be worth some free fresh honey. : )

Ashley said...

Oh my gosh!! I hate bees and would've been terrified!

Amanda Wissmann said...

GAAAAH! THIS IS NOT OK!!!!! Im itching just thinking about it. Ewwww! Ewwww! Glad everyone is ok!


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