Friday, March 15, 2013

Baby feet

Adorable, aren’t they?

The day after I got back from Mexico, I took the long (and I mean long…7 hours long) drive to see my sister and her newest baby. She’s a peanut, this one. A cuddler and a newest lover of the binky.

This peanut is their fourth and their last. I think she’ll fit right into their fun and energetic family. Speaking from a fourth and last child’s perspective.. she’ll no doubt have the best childhood growing up. Us babies of the family have it best, no question about it. She’ll see soon enough.
She’s already pretty loved


I would have willingly driven the whole 7 hours in snow if it meant getting to see my newest and last {since all my siblings are done having kids} niece. Crazy to think they’re all done. 11, I suppose is a good number to stop on.

Have a warm weekend. Its in the 80’s here, so I might just soak it up a little bit. That or stay indoors, in my pj’s on my couch. We’ll see.

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Erin said...

Aww!! Thanks Emily, Great pictures! She is truly adorable and loved by all in this family. She's definitely a keeper!! You'll have to come back to visit!!! :)

Amanda Wissmann said...

What a little sweetie! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Wendy said... those little baby feet! She is beautiful! Congrats Aunt Emily! And as a side note, totally envious of your 80 degree weather! :-)

Becky | Apples of Gold said...

She is SOOOO super adorable! So tiny and precious! Love those sweet baby feet photos! {melted my heart}

sandi said...

those pictures are so sweet. how could you stay away from that? love!


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