Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mexico part 4

and the last of my little Mexico series.. I’m pretty sure. Nope just kidding, I have one more post for you.

The 2nd night we were there, lia sophia hosted a reception. Over 700 lia sophia advisors who had earned the trip, were there and it was so exciting being among them. We went up the 2nd floor where the reception was being held and were immediately greeted by waiters with drinks for us. Then there were tables on each end full of appetizers.

The place was jam packed with people mingling and G-man and I walked around until we found a quiet area to snack on the food and have our drinks. There were a few who were there that had been enjoying their drinks for a long time before we arrived and while I was playing with my camera, one of them insisted she take a photo of us. For being as ‘enjoyable’ aka drunk as she was she took a pretty good photo of us.

Just imagine you see a cute one below of G-man and I..

I met up with my long time friend and we waited to go inside. We’ve been friends for almost 19 years. That’s crazy to think about. As I like to tell the story, and it’s a true story at that, we’re only friend’s because she was dating the boy I had a major crush on in the 7th grade and I wanted to get the ‘in’ on him, so I befriended her even though I pretty much hated her.

And I may or may not have laughed when I watched him break up with her down the hall.. 7th grade, people.. I was in the 7th grade.. Through it and so much more, we’ve remained best closest life long friends. (that’s all for you, Jos.)

We hadn’t planned out matching, but I think it just goes to show how much style we have that we wore very similar dresses. I get so much use out of this maxi dress, I just love it!em25em24

We finally were able to go inside for a big buffet waiting for us and a show.

This was probably one of the few times it was lacking. The food… it just wasn’t good at all. And the show… if you’ve been to a Hawaiian luau, well, nothing will compare to the extravagance of their shows. We weren’t entirely feeling the Mayan/Mexican version so we ended up leaving early and called it a night.

After having a welcome breakfast, enjoying a couples relaxing massage and the reception dinner, we agreed it was the perfect start to our vacation.

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Bon Bon said...

LOVE the matching ensembles!:-) You guys are fun! xoxo

Jossie said...

Oh your story of how we are friends cracks me up every time. And, let's get real, we're totally BFF's. Hehe!

My-cliffnotes said...

I love your skirt! And you're totally a bf stealer ;)


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