Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Xplor - Mexico {part 3}

Tuesday in Mexico was incredibly fun. When we went to Chichen Itza the day before, we met 2 girls that were on the same tour and we all became fast friends! They ended up going on the Xplor excursion too and we ended up having such a blast together.

We were told it was a big huge park that had 14 zip lines. Some having you fly high above the trees. And others that have you landing in the water. I brought my bathing suit, but figured I would start out doing the dry zip lines and then change into my wet shoes and wear only my bathing suit, and then go do the wet zip lines. That was my plan..

They also had a 4 wheeling adventure as well as paddle “boating” through the caves full of stalagmites and stalactites. It was so neat to see. What was so fun about the whole park was they told us if you ever get lost, just follow the sound of the heart. They had this big giant heart in the center of the entire park that beat just like a heart would. So you could hear it from far away and follow it to get back to where you needed to go.

I forgot to ask for the girl’s ok to post their faces, so they join G-man in the blurred group.
We all got in line to begin the zip lines. As we waited to get our harnesses on, we would watch everyone coming back completely soaked. I declared to our group that I would prefer doing the dry first then changing and doing the wet (as I said above) and they all agreed that would be ok.

We do our first one and it takes us to the next zip line. I had fun, promise.
What was so neat was they had cameras set up everywhere so you didn’t have to bother lugging your camera around. You could take as many as you wanted and later pay for the thumb drive. It’s a lot.. don’t get me wrong, but it was nice not having to ‘get the shot’. I could just be silly. -Please notice my full attire-

As we zip from one to the next, we see they’re all connected. There’s no ‘getting off this ride’. You zip from one to the next to the next with pretty much little choice in the matter, but we didn’t mind because (for me) they were all the dry, up high zip lines, so I was happy.

And then, we follow the path that takes us down the spiral staircase to the next open door and as I round the curve I see the worker standing there waiting… at the top of the water slide.

The only way down is the water slide. I just started laughing. She asked if I was ready and I said no! I didn’t plan to get wet yet! But I had no choice, so I crawled under the bar and down I went.
Ah, my poor clothes and shoes. Naturally what’s at the end of the water slide but a huge body of water. I was soaked from head to toe. As G-man picked up the rear, we were laughing at the unexpected surprise.

What followed that were many more unexpected {for me} zip lines into the water.
We were starving afterward and took a break for lunch and sunbathed in the sun while we dried off and rested, while our food went down. Our next stop were the paddle boats through the caves!
yes, I have the dreaded ‘wet spots’.
Notice how our paddles are on our hands. That was a new experience for us that left our shoulders burning.

We only had a short time left, so we rushed over to the 4 wheeling adventure and hopped in. It’s obvious I only know one expression…at least I’m not alone with it.
I promise, I’m a grown adult.

By the end, we were so far behind time, G-man and I ended up running all the way back to the bus in hopes they wouldn’t leave us. That’s running through caves, up hills, around bends and out to the parking lot. It has to be a good 1/4 mile. Thankfully we made it. All of us fell asleep on the long drive back completely wiped out, but we had such a great time.

I definitely recommend making a day of Xplor. I’m pretty sure you’ll have just a great a time as we did. Pin It Now!


The Heart Of A Woman said...

You are so adventurous! What was your favorite part of the whole trip?

Amanda Wissmann said...

Ok..so I have ALWAYS wanted to go zip lining...BUT I would have cried if I was zip lining into that creepy water and by those bones...anything dealing with caves or dark water..or museum type atmospheres I just CANt deal with! I'd like to think Im adventurous..but omg. just looking at these pics freaks me out! I dont know why! LOL!

Looks like you had aGREAT time...except in that first pic.hahaha! but you DID say you had a great time so I believe you ;)

My-cliffnotes said...

Soo fun could you have gone barefoot?

sandi said...

this looks like so much fun! what an amazing adventure. I have always wanted to go zip-lining, but the chance has just not occurred yet. maybe one day!


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