Thursday, September 12, 2013

It will change you

I wonder if the creator of any social media site knew the magnitude of what they were doing. Back before all the major sites, I can remember uploading all my photos to kodakgallery{dot}com and sharing them with family, thinking it was the neatest thing to be able to do.

In a way, that was the start of it all {for me}. To connect and show and get closer to those far away, through a photo website. It all morphed into crazy when I obsessed over Facebook for years and then deemed it time to get off for good. I steered clear of weird myspace and deemed twitter 100% lame and then, I started blogging, and blogging made twitter cool. And darn, if I don’t do twitter and now instagram as well.

Because an iPhone is essential, and apps are vital to the iPhone’s survival, and I can’t very well be responsible for an iPhone’s demise and not have apps all because social media is the devil…

Ok, ok, social media isn’t the devil.

I’ve seen a huge change in me alone, thanks to the world of 24/7 “I will be all up in your business” websites. I question how some completely cut themselves off. Yeah, I ended Facebook but if I were being honest with you, (which I guess I’m about to be), my Facebook profile has been reactivated but only because I was forced to, to stay up on the latest information of a group I’m in. {apparently FB is the only way to get the information…and I suppose I’m a little bitter over it}. I only jump on a couple times a week to see what’s new in the group but that’s it.

I know a few people, a blogger specifically, who shut down her blog, hardly instagrams and hasn’t tweeted in well over a year…and she even has a BABY!! I mean, how does she refrain from sharing adorable photos of her BABY!??

That’s like an IG policy…
Once baby is identified in the womb, you will cease to photograph anything other than your belly (and food), and then hence to therefore, will IG your baby and nothing more.

Let me just say, babies are adorable and 78% of your photos I see of them are cute.

Being baby-less, I have to think outside my little box when I’m strolling down the street, because I want to share something other’s will like. Darn, I admit, I just want to be liked. Isn’t that was social media is all about? Being liked? …if not {willingly} stirring the pot from time to time…not me though, I’m not a pot stirrer (for the record).

Far too often, I think of cutting into my trip, my evening, my quiet moment of solitude with my man, to snap a photo to show you because somehow someway you’ll understand the story, and think it AWESOME.

Take this the right way… I need to stop thinking about you in these daily moments. I can’t!! but I need to, because its not about you, its about me needing to focus on the people there, the moment we’re having and the memory I created, not the memory I feel needs to be shared.

That’s what I feel social media has done to me. Tweaked my brain a bit more into a self-centered “I’m just the coolest being ever, here’s why” type, but really, didn’t I believe that well before these sites existed??

Besides all that, I’ve met some darn cool women through it all and I’m pretty stoked to have my twitter and instagram and blog because without them, they’d be doing their thing, I’d be doing my thing and our paths never would have crossed.

I just can’t imagine that happening, ya know?

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meme-and-he said...

AMEN and AMEN. Seriously, this is one of the biggest reasons I got ride of twitter. During everyday normal experiences these witty one liners would pop in my head and I would feel the need to tweet them. It started to drive me crazy. I also got ride of facebook not too long ago and, while I didn't use it that much anyways, it has been freeing not to have to check in on that site. I have enough ties to social media as it is.

The Heart Of A Woman said...

I for one, am glad you blog! I have missed you!


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