Monday, September 23, 2013

I’m thankful today

Happy Monday and more importantly, Happy Fall to each and every one of you. I wasn’t exactly hating on Summer as I know many have been doing lately, because I have far more Summer clothes than Fall and Winter, but I always welcome a little bit cooler weather, just the same.

I wore 2 pair of jeans I haven’t touched in months over the weekend. And 2 light sweaters even. (for the record)

I realized just the other day that I have gotten away from the thankful posts I used to do every week. It’s not that I haven’t been thankful, it’s just I haven’t felt it as important to be reminded of all that I’m thankful for. Today I want to be reminded of it.

+ Over the weekend, I had the chance to go watch my 4 nieces and nephews so my sister and husband could go out to dinner. Yes, I’m an awesome sister and an even more awesome Aunt for doing this. kidding

It was fun though. We played Jenga. Played with the blocks. I held the baby for 45 minutes as she squirmed in my arms restlessly. And finally put her down to sleep with the thought she would scream and cry and fight it, only to stretch out, turn her head and fall right to sleep.

who knew the reason why she was squirming was because she wanted to lie down to sleep?? I could just hear her sighing in relief when I finally put her down. If she could, I’m sure she would have said ‘its about time!’


We eventually popped in a movie (that I laughed at more than them…Emperor’s New Groove…seriously so funny), and relaxed on the couch. It was a good night.

+ Last week, I had some good hair, and you know when you have good hair, you have to document it. This was day 2 of my flat iron curls and I couldn’t have been more happy knowing I could walk right out the door without brushing my hair that day. Nice soft waves for the win…I also hadn’t slept that night, so little effort was key.

Ironically, I went to Walmart that morning for a prescription with no makeup on, but came back to put makeup on to go to Target. Isn’t that how it is? Target just raises the bar with presentability, don’t you agree?

+ The food my mom and I (more mom than I ) have been cooking has been really delicious. This reminds me that I need to reeeeally start working out again…starting today.

+ You know you have a great friend when you text ‘you near?’ and she responds back one minute later ‘for you, always!’. It truly warms my heart.

+ And another friend who texts that she’s praying for me. And another who texts hoping I’m well.

Its this love and support that I can’t get over and am so grateful for. Knowing they’re thinking of me through their days, means so much.

+ I just have to say my parents are beyond amazing. We’re all still adjusting, yet their love toward me is completely unconditional, its humbling.

I hope you had a nice weekend, filled with rain (except Colorado, of course…) and blankets and warm steaming mugs of deliciousness, like me. And hopefully you got better sleep than me too, because seriously, being unable to fall asleep until 4am isn’t exactly the way I like to do things.

Happy last week of September!

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sandi said...

beautiful hair day! and so agree with the target point... there are just some days when I have to go to walmart because I am not Target presentable. I saw a cartoon once that said "I can stay in my pj's and go to walmart, or shower and head to target". or something like that! great day to you!

debjones:) said...

The hair pic is beautiful - which reminds of the other night going thru old photos and ran across one of Maddy's bday party and you with your extremely short hair! Might have to scan that one for you! AND Emperor's New Groove? LOVE IT! It's a favorite around our house and one of those we recite from time to time too! Sharp rocks at the bottom? Bring it on!! ;)

The Heart Of A Woman said...

It's the last week already?!!! I love your hair! We have had some cooler weather but not enough! I ready for love bug season to be over and done with! It's like a plague here!


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