Monday, September 16, 2013

Sleeping duckling

because let’s be honest…there hasn’t been any sleeping “beauty” here the past 4 days.

I don’t think I’ve ever slept so much in my life as I have in the past 3 days. Since being back in the states, I feel like all I’ve done is sleep. Granted one morning I woke up at 2:45, but come 9, I took a 5 hour nap and could have even gone longer.

2 hour naps every day since, and this body is slowly starting to feel normal again..almost. I’m less a zombie and more a functioning human being who brushes her teeth on a regular basis. Though I did wake up at 3 this morning, so there’s nothing like going backward in my progress… Hopefully today I’ll be starting a new normal for me, which is being proactive with looking for a job. I can only pray I get one soon and one that I actually like, if not enjoy.

I’m sorting through my photos and videos getting them ready to show you from Japan, and I’m excited to share. And a little tips post for traveling internationally that would have been helpful had I known the first time I flew internationally 3 years ago…heck, I knew about them this time around and STILL didn’t heed my own tips (which had me kicking myself to and from Japan) but hopefully they’ll help someone for their next trip.

Who watched Miss America last night? This might have been the first time I’ve seen it in 3 maybe 4 years. All I can say is Miss Florida and her batons was my favorite, and Miss New York is as cute as can be. 3 hours was a bit much to watch, but it kept me in pretty much the whole time.

If you watched it, who were you cheering for?

a little serenity to start your week off right. : )
Happy new week to you.

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Jamie Sefcik || Hello Little Scout said...

Such beautiful photos!!

debjones:) said...

Wow.. Honestly can't tell you the last time I watched Miss America or any pageant for that matter!
On another note - I would absolutely KILL to sleep for 3 days!! Wait, I'd kill for 8 hours straight, uninterrupted, completely wonderful and so completely much needed sleep!!! Just sayin...
Love ya Em!! =)

Laura Elizabeth said...

Beautiful pictures!! Although jetlag is NOT beautiful... Glad you are slowly starting to feel more like yourself. It's hard to get out of 'jetlag' mode when you don't have a regular routine to throw yourself into. I always need a good few days to get over it!


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