Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My days are numbered

I should say “day” since I’m leaving tomorrow.


This has come entirely too quickly.

I never knew 3 weeks could fly by so quickly, but they have. What an honor to spend 3 weeks in Japan with my love. Tomorrow I will spend an entire day traveling back to California, with a layover in Vancouver for many many hours. Too bad I don’t know anyone in Vancouver to help the time pass. I sure would love to hangout with someone.

Shortly after I leave, G-man will be gone for work again and will be gone until December. Not too long of a time, but it will be a tough couple months mentally.

It’s funny. I was getting into quite the groove here in Japan. Navigating the trains…ok, G navigated the trains, I followed while asking lots of confused questions, enjoying the foods (fyi Domino’s Pizza in Japan is disgusting), and taking in the culture one day at a time.

I learned ants are everywhere, which sounds really stupid to say, but these ants are everywhere. And they’re the black fast as lightning ones that had me realize how much I really don’t care to be around ants. And then the spiders are scary looking. Incredibly so. The biting bugs are always out with a vengeance to get me, leaving me with huge bright red swollen welts all over my legs, neck, arms and feet. And I screech whenever any flying insect comes even remotely close to my head.

But I like it here. Its quiet and clean. The people can be a little stand off-ish, and even rude at times, but they keep to themselves, which lets us keep to ourselves. Never loud or obnoxious. Even the drunk ones are quiet. The trains are crammed like sardines, yet all you hear are the sound of the leather hand straps we all hold onto, as the train zips to the next stop. Its crazy to be a part of and something that has to be witnessed.

I’ll miss being here. All the walking, the insane humidity, the views, the earthquakes and spending these days with G-man. Maybe I’ll get to come back again. Here’s hoping.

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The Heart Of A Woman said...

That was a long trip, but those are usually the best ones! said...

I don't know if you have been in the vancouver airport before but i will assume you have. I would not want to leave the secured area lol. It is too big of a city. I had a 5 hour layover once that sucked and my brother 9 hours, hopefully the time passes fast.


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