Monday, September 2, 2013

You are beauty

Well, I certainly hadn’t intended to take such a long time off from blogging, but when I’m without internet for well over a week, it kinda tends to force my hand. Its insane the amount of things I have to share. Some of you know, some of you don’t, but I went on a little trip…

I’m in Japan!!

Is it crazy? I feel its crazy I’m here. and neat. and exciting.

I snuck away on the 23rd and have been here ever since spending time with my one and only love. We’ve been doing some fun things and I did a big thing for me; traveling entirely on my own in a foreign country.
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I’ve flown alone before (no biggie there) but I’ve always had G-man as my navigator to and from the airport, but this time it was me and only me needing to navigate myself from the airport, 3 hours to my final destination. I was determined to succeed. And succeed I did!

Thankfully…though I don’t count this as cheating, G-man was told about a bus that runs the majority of the trip from the airport, so he passed the info onto me, and I was sure to beeline to that counter to get my ticket. Otherwise, it would have been a 3 train rides trip for me, and with a 50lbs suitcase, I was more than willing to take a bus to the final train station and finish the route with only taking 1 train. But carting that suitcase around, up and down stairs and during the busy end of the day was quite a workout.

Oh and also holding up the line when I put my train pass in the wrong slot, jamming the machine and having the transit policeman remove it for me, as I raced against time to make my train that was arriving in 20 seconds...

I’m always up for a little adventure…albeit forced.

After arriving to my final stop, I had to walk 10 blocks to meet G-man, lugging the heavy suitcase alongside mind you, when I see this little person running across the street a little ways in front of me. I didn’t think anything of it until he stops right when I’m passing and has me stop as well.

- You American?
- I like America. Will you be my friend?
- Can I hug you?
- You are beauty.
- How old are you?
- You are beauty.
haha thanks. I have to start walking now, I’m meeting someone.
- Your boyfriend?
yes. He’s waiting for me.
- Will you be my friend?
yeah, that’s fine, but we’re going to keep walking ok? How old are you?
- 15
{{follows so closely I have to hold my arm up from my side}}
- You are beauty.
- Can I kiss you?
- Can I hug you?
no, you already got your hug.
- You are beauty.
its beautiful. Beau-ti-ful.. say it, beautiful.
- Beau-ti-furrl
there you go…. ok, I need you to move over a little bit. You’re too close.
- Stop here and lets go in there (pointing in an alley) so we can hug.
no, I’m not stopping. Are you really going in the same direction as me?
- I’m meeting friends. Let’s go in there to kiss (pointing to a parking garage).
no, I’m not stopping. You need to step aside and not block me.
- Can I be your friend?
yeah, sure I already said you could.
{{I arrive at my destination}}
ok, I’m here, I need to go now.
- Can I hug you?
you can shake my hand and that’s it.
{{shake hands and starts to come in for a hug}}
no, I said we’re not hugging anymore.
- I want to hug you.
no, handshake only.
{{comes in three more times for a hug as I push him back each time}}
Ok, thanks for walking with me. Bye.

At that point, I was done with my new friend. I sprinted up the 2 flights of stairs with my bag, walked across the bridge, turned and saw he was following me but once I went down the other 2 flights of stairs on the other side, he stopped and I was immediately greeted by G-man who had no idea I had a little follower.

It was funny to say the least and we had a good laugh about it the rest of the night.

It’s been nice being here. Its hot and incredibly humid where I didn’t know my hair could be so wavy, but I’ve been getting around town and seeing more of the little city here and its been fun. I haven’t gone to see too many things, but hopefully this coming week I’ll be able to rectify that.

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My-cliffnotes said...

Friend!! Happy Japan time you beauty...can I have a hug?


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