Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekend roundup

Last day of the month! Crazy this is the end of September…already! It couldn’t have ended any better than how it did, with my family coming to visit. Ok, so they didn’t come to visit me as much as they came to visit everyone, but it was great all the same.

With my brother here with his family and my sister with hers, it was a full house. 8 kids and 7 adults; with the tv on, made for a very loud house, but the giggles and cuddles made up for the noise level. We had taco night Wednesday, a massive BBQ Thursday and a birthday party Saturday. I’m pretty sure that was the busiest my schedule has looked in months… ok, years. It would have been bigger had I remembered I was supposed to go to a college volleyball game with my sister Friday.

Some from the long weekend.

Yes, that would be my mountain man brother and little bitty sister.

It was a great time spent with family with naps in the sun on the patio snuck in. I’m becoming quite fond of naps.

How did your weekend turn out?

Oh Oh and you have to check out this article (if you haven’t heard about it already). It’s about a UT football coach who suspended his whole team. Well the neat thing is, is that I know the coach! He was at my high school when I was there, so it makes it an even greater story, not to mention seeing where he is these days.

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The Heart Of A Woman said...

Those babies are so cute! You and the little one look alike!

sandi said...

those cute cheeks and the snuggling of the stuffed animals, beyond cute. I hope your older beautiful niece will always embrace her freckles, just because I said so. and the yellow shoes and the babe on your lap... I could comment on each but they are all wonderful!

our weekend? birthday party for a five year old friend whose parents own a frozen yogurt place, yes please plus all the yummy toppings. and equally fun ~ getting a special hug from my groovy friend visiting from Oklahoma. she introduced us to her boyfriend at church sunday morning then the two of them came for dinner afterwards. he has dropped some hints that he wants to have a conversation with her dad about her future! she is taking him to meet her family this week! she is 44 and not married and oh, so super sweet! so yes, we had a great weekend!


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