Thursday, April 11, 2013

..and its only Thursday

This week my friends, has been quite the week. I thought I left the life of crazies and drama and criminals when I left the department of corrections, but apparently it has a way of following me.

Each day has offered a new and more “exciting” show for me to watch. After being in this position for a year, I’ve finally realized its all one big entertaining show that I should enjoy, rather than get bothered and annoyed by. Ever since then, I’ve sat back with my imaginary popcorn and watched in fascination as it all unfolds in front of me.

Last week, my co worker (who owns her own business w/in our company) offered me a job. It would have been one where I kept my current job but did hers as well. It could have easily doubled my pay. But even though I’ve turned down her position 4 times in the past year, she asked me to seriously consider it over the weekend {again} and give her an answer Monday.

My answer: No

I did consider it, weighed the pros and cons but ultimately regardless of how much more money I would have made, I would have been miserable and told her so. I was miserable while working for corrections making astronomical amounts of money, and even though a pay increase would be nice, I’ve come to learn money truly doesn’t buy happiness. Having turned down her position, she is forced to keep the person she currently has and that is where the drama has occurred.

My brain hurts from all the drama that’s gone on this week. From ex-cops, to district attorneys, to detectives, to gang bangers and convicted criminals, its been tough to keep track of what’s going on when. Its only solidified my resounding no to take over that position.

And its only Thursday.

Yesterday, for G-man’s birthday, I decided to get a little clever. I was able to get the people in his condo building to help me put notes handwritten by me on his truck window (for when he walked out to go to work) and for his front door (for when he came home that night). I wanted to carry out the idea further and get a hold of his co worker to leave a note on his keyboard for when he arrived. Only problem was, I didn’t have his co workers number and the only way I could locate him was if I had his last night.. which I did not. So the work note idea was quickly losing momentum as the day worn on.

The truck window note worked perfect. They put it out there and he was really surprised. But the front door note… well, that didn’t work out quite as planned. Originally, I was told it could be taped to his door, but when I called back to confirm it was done, she told me they weren’t allowed to tape anything, so they put a ‘parcel pick up’ tag on his door (uuhhh, isn’t that taping something to his door??) so he could pick the note up at the front desk.

It was a lot of fun to coordinate, even though it hadn’t worked out like I was hoping it would, but that’s what happens when you’re 3,500 miles away from each other. Things tend to have hitches.


Random cherry blossom picture for your viewing pleasure.

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Amanda Wissmann said...

I'm proud of you. I know it's so hard to turn something down, especially considering you could make more pay. I used to sell furniture and I was THE BEST. I made sooooo much money...but the company sucked, and I was absolutely miserable. Shaun and I prayed about it and I decided to quit. My next job was working at a christian camp, and I made about half the pay {ouch} but I was SO happy and adored everything about my job. It was completely worth it!!!

Glad your surprised worked out! although SO random about not taping things on the doors? Really? that made me laugh!

Beautiful pic! Hope you have a great rest of the week!


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