Thursday, April 18, 2013

The last {last} one

Remember when I said I was done sharing the Mexico pictures (from over a month ago)? Of course that was a lie and in all actuality had every intention of springing this very last post on you {and myself} so I could stretch out my once upon a time even longer.

One of the girls that went, emailed me some photos she had taken plus still wanting to show our last day there has led me to today. If there was ever a time I could share a photo of us, it would be today because she took the cutest one that I would love to share. in case anyone’s wondering, his answer is still no with sharing a photo of himself…but I’m still working on it, you can bet I am.

These girls are great.
If ever there was proof that I can’t be “sexy”, here it is. I just don’t have it in me.. I come across rather as someone who is biting her nail off and getting caught in the process.

On the last day, G-man and I decided to take it really easy. We had been going going going the entire time and it was finally nice to have an afternoon of just nothing. That morning we had gone into Cozumel to do some walking around and shopping and though it was leisurely, it was also tiring.

The bus driver kept hitting on me for one. And the constant calling out and craziness of the street vendors had me worn out. I used to love to haggle. I’m great at it and when Jossie (stripes above) and I went to Tijuana over 10 years ago, I dominated and got so many things for dirt cheap, but now? I don’t want to deal with you. So rather pick up souvenirs and stop to have the monkey on my shoulder (I hate monkeys any way..), I would keep my eyes straight ahead and ignore every sound around me.

G-man on the other hand. He wasn’t quite prepared for what it would be like and would reply to them or acknowledge them, but it wasn’t very long before he caught on and ignored them as well.

I did walk away with some beautiful plates though. There was one and only one mission I had while there, and that was get a Talavera pottery plate or bowl for my mom. I struck gold with the quiet store we walked in. The floor, the walls, the shelves were all covered in these beautiful potteries and the moment I started seeing one then another and another for my mom, he turned to me and said, ‘pick one for yourself.’

I was jumping for joy and took 10 good minutes looking for just the right one for my mom and me. This one is mine.

Once we made it back to our hotel, we unloaded the goodies and made our way to the free bike rentals to ride around the resort. It was a beautiful afternoon and we took our time riding around seeing all the little critters they had around the grounds. This guy was tired from getting chased away from the garbage cans, so he decided to take a quick rest before running back to his family.
G-man had this gift with the crocodile in the water. He would make this noise over and over and the crocodile came from way back in the pond, right up to us.
He and his little turtle buddies hung around waiting for us to feed them no doubt.

We eventually returned our bikes and got ready for our last dinner at the resort. We decided on a sit down place that was partially outdoors and though good, it left me with over 25 mosquito bites on my feet and legs. Not exactly the way I thought I’d end the trip, but it was quite wonderful as a whole.

Even though I read just this week about the killings going on in Cancun (while we was there), we really felt “safe”.. or I should say, though we were incredibly cautious (we’re two very cautious and “aware” people), we never felt in danger and that I’m very grateful for.

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The Heart Of A Woman said...

Awe come on GMan! Let us see a picture. Haha. The pictures are great and the one of you three with the finger in your mouth is funny!

Amanda Wissmann said...

Loooooove the plate! When we first got here, I hated haggling because I just wanted to be done with it. I also knew I was getting "gringo-ed" (Our term for paying way too much because we are white and they think we don't know any better) Ha! Know I just tell people straight up, "I know you're screwing me's what I will pay for it and no more." Ok, fine...I say it a little nicer than that, but with the same intention.

I love riding bikes! That sounds like so much fun! And oh! glad you were safe even though everything around you was probably not.


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