Tuesday, April 23, 2013

So you want to rent a lens

There’s so many things that are out there in the world that we have no clue we can rent, until magically, it’s pointed out to us.

A designer gown for an incredible price? - Rent the Runway will let you.

A wedding gown, tuxedos, furniture, cars, kids.. you get the idea.

But did you know you can rent lenses? Professional luxury lens? and even the camera bodies too?? If you’re close to a reliable camera store, they’ll all be at your fingertips for what could be a very hefty price, but online! Online is where your selection goes beyond your wildest dreams.

When I was planning to go to Mexico, I wanted to make sure I had the easiest time with my camera as possible. My camera is already heavy enough, I didn’t want to bring my 5lb, break my arm zoom lens, plus another lens that will let me shoot close. No. I wanted one lens that would let me do it all. Zoom in. Zoom out without ever having to stop to switch it out for the ‘other one’ so I could get the shot I wanted.

I put it out there to a lot of professional photographers to find the ‘perfect vacation lens’ and though they all had their opinions, one made the most sense. The 24-105L series zoom lens. Now my next question to myself was: “where will I get it, and how can I pay the least amount of money for it?”

Though there are a lot of trusted reliable websites, I went with the best one for me. Lens Pro To Go. Not only did I get a great deal – 14 day rental for the price of 7!! But I also got to experience true customer service. Of course I had questions, which led me to call while I was placing the order, and they picked up right away. No automated voice, no press 1 for English, they answer and they’re funny. Or at least my guy was. Not to mention very patient and helpful.

After placing my order, they called me…and being the hyper skeptical, overly cautious person that I am, wasn’t prepared for their call. He asked me a series of questions, ranging from why I was renting the lens, to if I were a professional, to whether or not I have a blog/website so they can see the photos after.

Since I can be less than forthcoming at times, I wasn’t willing to give my blog and details and only supplied the necessities so he could complete my order. I have no doubt this is standard, but I was new to renting and I’m a private (information) person, so it was hard for me to give it all up.

I didn’t know what to expect when it arrived, but it came in a huge box. I dove into it and quickly understood why it was such a huge box. This massive hard cover case was inside.

Just seeing it was getting me happy and I loved the touch of the question on their sticker of who my favorite superhero is. Once I worked the {very difficult} snaps, I opened up to see the lens nestled nicely into thick thick padded foam. Plus a tootsie pop! Another fun detail that Lens Pro To Go adds to their rental.

I really liked that {while it was in the case} I didn’t have to worry about breaking the lens. Outside the case was another ballgame, but this case seemed indestructible.

I took it with me to Mexico and loved every minute with the lens. I had 5 days after to keep playing with it, and I was sad to see it go. I’ve always thought I wanted a 24-70mm lens, but now using this one, I’m thinking I know what I’ll be saving up for. It’s the perfect all around zoom when you only agree to bring one.

Its not as heavy as other zoom lenses, which is another reason why I chose it, but still after awhile (read: 8 hours) of the camera and lens together, the weight will catch up.. as evidenced by my vein beginning to pop out of my arm from holding it up.

And a reminder of the fantastic photos taken with it…

If you ever get the chance to rent a lens, check out Lens Pro To Go, they’re really great to work with and they provide everything for you to ship it right back. Whenever I get the itch to rent again, I’ll definitely be using them again.

Have you ever rented a lens before?

What’s the most obscure thing you’ve rented that we would be surprised that you can?

*they have no idea I wrote a review. All opinions are mine. I did this solely on my own because I had such a great experience with them and not many people know you can rent lenses!

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Lisa said...

I am renting a "date" for a function...talk about weird!!

Daisy said...

I had no idea you could rent a lens!!! Can't wait to try it, thanks for the review :)

Jennifer Blair said...

I LOVE renting lenses. I always rent before I buy. Plus, it's just fun to try out new ones. :)


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