Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Mental case

I figured in light of my post yesterday, I should continue on with the ‘mind’ theme because in other ways, I’m going mental. To the point of Caddyshack mental. You know, Bill Murray killing gopher mental.

It might seem like the smallest of things (in the grander scheme of people’s many bigger issues) but I’m dealing with ants in my bathroom and I’m losing my mind over it. This isn’t a ‘past couple days’ issue I’ve been dealing with. This is a month after month after month plus 5 more, that I’ve been fighting this battle with the ants.

Many times I think I’ve won. I sprayed, I squished, I stomped and rubbed thinking I’ve eliminated them entirely but within a couple days, another will emerge..then another and before I know it, their pesky little bodies are roaming my bathroom floors again. I have a square of toilet paper devoted to their deaths, yet more continue to emerge.

I leave some of their dead bodies as warning to others, and they just laugh at them and continue their hunt.. their search.. their whatever the heck it is they’re looking for in.my.bathroom! Nothing is there! I don’t get it!!

I outlined my entire bathroom in baby powder, because I heard they take that back and die.. well, one died..I watched it, but all the others shake their bodies like they’re having a seizure, only to brush the darn stuff off and plow right over the line to climb up my wall. Its like they laugh at my defenses.

My next course of action is cornmeal.. I’ve heard good things about cornmeal. And if that doesn’t work, Terro is my last course of action before I lie on the floor and cry in defeat.

Either that or dynamite.. one of the two.

In other {more important} news, 2 beautiful little girls had birthdays these past weeks and I guess I can’t really call them ‘little girls’ when they turn 11 and 13. Our first teenager in the family! Oh boy, things are about to get crazy.

ignore the fantastic blur
Our 13 year old {niece}!
The 11 year old!
I find it a lot more comfortable when I’m sitting on their lap vs them sitting on mine. This photo makes me look incredibly old, but I do like her sweet smile in it, so I’m choosing to take one for the team.

All these birthdays lately only to add one more to the mix tomorrow. A rather notable one in fact!

Happy Birthday to you today… if its your birthday.

Oh, and if you have any brilliant ant killing ideas, I will frantically take them.

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Katie said...

Yes! I have the best ant suggestion! We got a terrible ant infestation (gross word.) and our landlord used these plastic discs filled with some sort of liquid. After less than two days, the ants were gone! We asked him about it and learned they're ant bait traps. When we had ants by our kitchen bay window last year, I picked up the Raid brand ant bait and they worked like magic again. In the meantime, though, I have an obsession with vacuuming the little suckers up. Ha! :)

Lauren said...

OK use the Terro! It has worked wonders with our ant problem! Don't worry your not the only one to go mental because of pest eeekkk! I hate them! *shiver*

http://sweetcanadian.blogspot.com/ said...

i hope those traps work or whatever you need. If they don't i would get an exterminator in. Ants drive me crazy. I bought this sticky stuff that was made by raid that would work but had to be careful not to step in it. Problem is you need to kill the queen and until you do you will have a problem

sandi said...

terro is great but i can't use those types of products now with the children. the last time we had them i mixed some black pepper, cayenne pepper and cinnamon and made a *line* and they would not cross it. they would turn around and leave the house. don't put it on carpet because it will leave a faint line that's hard to vacuum up. you can also spray vinegar (another use for vinegar) and water mixed around doors/baseboards and they don't like that either. hope it works. we are entering our ant season so i've been on the look out!

Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies said...

I don't have any brilliant ant killing suggestions, but good luck with it. I usually just spray them with Windex (I think I watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding a few too many times).

Erin Pasillas said...

Is Terro the liquid in the clear, trap like things? That's the only stuff that works for us (are they the black ants?)... Last year a bottle of maple syrup spilled in my pantry cabinet and it was ALL bad... We had ants for weeks... And not just a few here or there... Like, counter looks black, oh no, that's all ants, bad!!! The clear liquid in the clear plastic trap was the best. It is a bait, though, so the first 2 days more ants came to eat it... But it quickly made it to the queen and they were totally gone within 4-5 days!!! It's a very dirty feeling when there are creepy crawlers in your home!!


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