Monday, July 29, 2013

31 things I’m thankful for …well almost

Last day. This is the very last day I will ever be 31. Can I say it goes by fast? That the years fly by and I hardly know what age I am and often have to stop and think? And a lot of the times, I have to think of how old my siblings are and subtract backwards to figure out my age.

Its true. We’re all 2 years apart. (this is the year of the “evens”)

I’ve wished this month away, which is rare because this is “my” month. I normally love, enjoy and bask in the month of July, but this year, it has been a very tough one for me. One I’ve wished would zoom through so I can get into August because that would mean time is actually moving along and not at a complete standstill as its felt. I swear I’ve endured 2 months worth of time in this one, not even finished, month, its felt that long for me.

I’ll admit, my 30’s have not been anything like what I thought they’d be. So so different and the constant adjustments that have been made and still being made are always throwing me for a loop and keeping me on my toes where half the time I feel like I’m just getting back up only to fall back down again.

One thing I’ve found as I go through the years is its so tiring focusing on the negative. And being constantly negative. Pointing this out. That out. This is wrong. That is wrong. It’s a work in progress, but focusing on the positive, even if its miniscule and spinning a crappy moment or thought around to good, has been my goal the past year and more so the past few months.

Instead of focusing on the fact the chicken juices leaked all over the fridge and I have to spend time cleaning it; I do it quickly and focus on the fact my fridge is now squeaky clean and darn, I never would have cleaned it if it hadn’t been for the chicken.

So, even though this month has been a rough one for me, there have been so many great things going on. Things I still don’t see yet, things God is doing that I know will blow my mind when they happen, things that will have everything come together for His good.

I’m getting nudges to make changes. Nudges that are going to put me way out of my pride and comfort zone. That are both humbling and relieving. They frustrate me and have me feeling lost at times, but all I do (as best I can) is focus on Him nudging me. Because I know He doesn’t steer me wrong. ever.

I have such generous friends and family in my life and they’re a huge part of why I’m thankful for my last day at 31.

1. My parents. The things they’re so willing to do for me, and offer me, and extend to me. 1,000 thanks will never be enough.
2. Casey who sent me the perfect birthday gift of Dunkin coffee and a mug.
3. My friend who took me out to lunch yesterday for my birthday and made me feel special.
4. The unconditional love and support from G-man.
5. $3 flower arrangements from Trader Joe’s.
6. The ability to have real, honest conversations with this girl and this girl...and never to forget this girl.
7. Knowing I have friends so eager to see me, and offer to help make the trip happen. that’s all you, Myrtle.8. G-man sending me unexpected encouraging texts at just the right moment, when it would seem otherwise impossible.
9. The support of friends on Saturday and the fun that came of it.
10. New recipes even if they don’t turn out like the pictures.
11. God blessing me with the ever growing talent and passion of photography.
12. Making others cry…in a good way.
13. Bible studies with friends
14. My sister’s kind heart
15. My new schedule each day
16. Working out consistently
17. You. For all of you few who’ve stuck around with me and my blog these days.
18. Finding out I have perfect color vision. Eyes aren’t quite failing me like I thought

..and you know what? I’m gonna stop there. Not because I can’t think of 31 things, because I could just ramble off the most random of stuff, but because some things are meant to stay quiet behind the screen.
just woke up but enjoying my Dunkin’.
On this last day, I will eat lots of cookies and prepare myself for staying up until 3:02am to ring in the new year.
that or set my alarm for 3:02…we’ll see what happens.

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Behold the Metatron said...

Love the idea of the "little nudges"... it's so true! Happy birthday fellow Leo!


Lisa said...

The 30"s sure are interesting and as I get ready to leave them I am kinda sad because I think that I did most of my growing up during my 30's. Faced the most challenging of situations and with the grace of God not only survived but came out the other side a stronger more faithful person.

You have had to face so much in your life already and you have been victorious and as you deal with the current changes in your life know that there is someone praying for you.

Happy birthday month!!

Wendy said...

Aww, love this post! It is awesome how God always leads us to exactly where we need to be, even when we have a hard time seeing it in the moment. He is so good and so faithful! Hope you have a fabulous birthday tomorrow. I will turn 32 on Aug 7th. I didn't realize our birthdays were so close together. Have an amazing day, sweet friend!

The Heart Of A Woman said...

I love you Em! I agree with negativity being exhausted! I am so glad you enjoyed the bday gift!


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