Monday, July 1, 2013

Pseudo parent of 4

This has been quite the fun weekend. Friday,I left rather early to help out at my sister's. She needed all 4 kids looked after while her and her husband were gone on separate appointments, and being the dutiful Aunt that I am, agreed to watch them.

There may have been a reservation or two. Mainly in the form of having to get up early enough to drive the 1 1/2 hours to make it in time, but I made it and we were all excited to see each other. After sitting around watching tv, I gave the "one more show" rule and wouldn't you know they picked a movie.. sly little ones. Back and forth we went until they found a movie with only 26 minutes left, and the agreement was made.

In the middle of it all, I made the all famous Mac and Cheese and their 4 month old only had eyes for me and wouldn't let me put her down. Not that I was really inclined to put her down, but I got a taste of what it was like to have one kid on my hip while I cooked the others lunch. Challenging, but it was kinda fun. It also helped that her two oldest are 6 and 7 and could help me cook, which they were very eager to do.

At one point my nephew wanted to read me a book while I was cooking, so he ran upstairs and read about bugs. It was pretty sweet hearing him read.

Since its been a scorcher here these past few days (106 anyone?!), the kids suggested filling up the kiddie pool and it was nothing short of a brilliant idea. As they squealed and screamed in delight with each bucket of water poured on their heads, I sat on their steps in the shade with the baby, watching. By the time they got all cleaned up, their dad got home and shortly after, my sister. After staying for dinner and getting more baby time with my littlest niece, I made my way to my parents.

By Saturday, I was wiped out. Waking up in a lot of pain that left me only drinking a half a cup of coffee. You know, if I only drink a 1/2 a cup of coffee...something's wrong with me. By 11, I was feeling a little better but ended up taking 3 naps that day, which is unheard of!

Despite the pain and naps, I still got to spend the day with my Mom, sister and her baby. We made it a bit of a girls day of rest and it was perfect. There's nothing like having the girls get together, in my opinion. Even if I don't touch my camera once to document it.

Sunday, my mom made this delicious smothered chicken and I treated her to the chocolate sandwiches. It might be my signature now. I want them all the time! Especially with all the variations that can be done!! I'm always so glad I get to spend time with my family. I haven't had a chance to come too often, so having this extra time on my hands has really been a blessing. 

This week is going to prove to be very busy for me, so it was nice to have this past weekend to prepare for it.

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend themselves. Fill me in. I'd love to catch up and hear how yours went.

Happy Monday!

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Lisa said...

Happy birthday month friend!

Natalie said...

Aww! They're so adorable! =D ...And here's to the start of your birthday month!

debjones:) said...

That baby is so sweet! That's a great photo of you two together - I love it! And yes, NOW you have an idea of what it's like holding one on the hip while attempting mealtime or any other chores like say --- laundry! Fun stuff for sure! You know I wouldn't trade it for anything tho!
Big hugs em! ;)

Amanda Wissmann said...

too cute :)

ok at first I thought you said 11 hours! I was thinking..geeeeez! Your sister was desperate!

LeAnna said...

Sweet little baby girl! She's a cutie. It's so great you get to play Auntie. My nieces don't even call me Aunt LeAnna, which makes me sad, but I did come along awfully late in their lives. As much as I want my brother to WAIT before having kids, I know I'll enjoy being an Auntie to them some day.

The Heart Of A Woman said...

What is wrong? Why were you in pain? The pictures are super cute! You are going to make a great mom! I bet you are the favorite for those kids!


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