Monday, November 14, 2011

I’m thankful 39

Happy Monday my sweet friends. I’m sitting here listening to Dean Martin sing “Let it snow” and loving every minute of it. I don’t mind one bit that it’s the 14th of November, I’m happily listening to Christmas music. Besides, I know one or two people who already have their Christmas trees up already…

So, for this week I’m thankful for:

- a whirlwind weekend. It was constant and trying but at least in between all the chaotic moments I was able to relax and hangout w/my parents.

- the clearest skin I’ve had in years. Seriously. I can’t get past how much my skin has cleared up since taking the medication the dermatologist has given me. So so very happy. I can even (and have often) walked out of my apt. without any makeup on. Such a relief!

- being given the Liebster Award from Nona at Gr8tday2save. She thinks my blog is dear, kind, and/or the best and that’s just the sweetest thing ever. Thank you Nona.

- fitting into the jeans I talked about not being able to fit into, here. I thought I’d just throw them on last week to see if they fit and they more than fit! I’m so happy I can wear them again.

- finding $10 in the back pocket of those jeans. Could it have gotten any better than that?! Fitting into a pair of jeans I couldn’t 2 1/2 months ago and finding money in them!? I. think. not!

- spending that $10 on a family size pizza and garlic cheese breadsticks, all for myself. (oh, yes I did!) But THEN, I realized they messed up my pizza. I called and whined, they said sorry and we hung up. The owner calls and apologizes and says they’ll deliver me a brand new correct pizza free of charge and when the guy arrived he had the pizza and another order of breadsticks!! Talk about a lot of food. So I ended up giving the 1st pizza and 2nd order of breadsticks to my neighbor.
naturally, a crumby cell phone picture to prove it.
photo (14)

Alright, spill the beans. How many of you have ordered a full size pizza all for yourself? And how long did it take you to eat the entire thing? It took me 5 days to eat this entire pizza, mind you, but I finished!

Oh and can we all just pause and acknowledge the fact Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK!!

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LeAnna said...

Woohoo for Thanksgiving! Haven't been able to bring myself to listen to Christmas music, yet. But soon. As for the Christmas tree, I suppose I'd better start hauling in some things from the garage. And rearranging kid toys to make room for it!! Have a great week!

the blogivers said...

Totally busted out my Amy Grant Christmas music yesterday! And I have never ordered a full pizza for myself, but I guarantee if I did, it would take me no longer than 2 days to finish it. You have my word!

Stephanie said...

I'm been listening to Christmas music too!

Also, I'm making pizza for dinner, and now that's all I can think about. : )

I'm Hannah said...

hahahaha...i like pizza!

way to fit into your jeans! i am stilling working at realllly fitting into my prebaby clothes :)

Natalie said...

Been listening to Christmas music since the 1st, and I put up my tree yesterday!!! I've yet to order a whole pizza for myself... putting on the to-do list. When I get one and figure out how long it takes me to eat it, I'll let you know =D

carissa said...

i'm so jealous of your clearest skin in years skin. my face has been break out city but i still don't wear make-up. lol. please pass on your clarity to me!

meghan said...

Pretty sweet...jeans fitting plus finding $10 in said jeans. That's like God congratulating you. Maybe that'll happen to me as I start heading on the weight decline and fitting into things too...I haven't ordered a full pizza for myself (mostly because pizzas aren't my favorite) but now you're making me want to because I'm so so hungry right now (it seems to be a recurring trend).

Mrs. Pancakes said...

im pretty sure i've ordered pizza for myself amongst other things...i know i have clearly eaten a whole cake by myself...oh my..did i just write that out loud?! clearly you are not alone!

Tatiana said...

I love me some pizza. I actually had some today, with a salad on the side so I won't feel too guilty.
And bring on the holidays! They put me in such a great mood! I'm so hoping and praying that I get called off on Thanksgiving!
Clear skin is a great great thing my friend. I'm so happy for you :-)

Tabitha Lynn said...

M and I could eat a whole pizza in one meal. But we eat like fat kids!!

Megan said...

5 days?! That's ridiculous. You totally let me down. I could finish that sucker in one sitting. Promise.


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