Friday, November 11, 2011

2 semi unimportant/important announcements

Have you ever had a ton of things to say yet nothing to talk about?

Welcome to today. It’s Friday. Its Veteran’s Day. How many have today off?
::my hand is raised!!:

Ok, my hand is raised just about every day. Wait…I don’t have today off, shoot!
Well, that’s not fair being that my man (I said that in a sassy tone..make sure you say that in a sassy tone) in the military.

I think I may revolt.

Since I’m pretending to be a photographer, I felt it was only fitting to add a little something to the know, to make it seem like it’s more real.

that’s right folks! I learned how to do the color side thingy! That’s how much I’m coming into this here world. Thanks to my best friend in the whole wide world {I don’t think she knows we’re besties yet} for giving me a step by step tutorial that she made solely for me. {you know, maybe she DOES know we’re besties..only besties would do that, right?}



{Isn’t my cowl just so snuggly?}

Since I know everyone is eager beavers with knowing which watch I most lust after, be eager beavers no more..

Do you think I could get Breitling to send it to me for a review? I would sooo review the snot out of this watch!

Well kiddies, I’m at my parents for the weekend and have ‘stuff’ to prepare for, for the coming weeks. So. much. going on! but not really..but really. Enjoy yourselves and others in the respectful manner that you do.

oh and in case you’re wondering what those 2 unimportant/important announcements were…
1. I added “photography” to my watermark. (feel free to ooh and aah for me)
2. I chose that Breitling out of the choices from yesterday. (feel free to ooh and aah on that too, if you’re so inclined)

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meme-and-he said...

haha congrats on the new photo editing trick!! and please send that scarf to me?? pretty please??

Erin Pasillas said...

She knows!!

Tabitha Lynn said...

I picked that watch too! It's divine!!

Oneika said...

Love your pics!!

Natalie said...

Loving the new pictures!

Stephanie said...

You look beautiful in your pictures! And your cowl totally looks amazing and snuggly!

Megan said...

This basically makes you famous now!!! Ahhhhh!!! Miss Photographer!

chanel said...

Let me know if they send you one to review...I'd like to do a review as well. Funny side story. My college boyfriend's mom gave him a Breitling for high school graduation and his dog (a French Mastiff) ate joke!

xo chanel

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

ooh I love the pictures. and my oh my that watch is gorgeous!


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