Monday, November 28, 2011

I’m thankful for 41

Happy Cyber Monday!! This is my shopping day. I thrive on this day. I despise Black Friday and would far rather sit in my comfy home with my laptop in my lap and click away my savings. Besides, who wants to get pepper sprayed by an idiot for a stupid video game!? No thanks.

The last time I did Black Friday, I was standing in line being shoved from behind by a woman repeatedly…and my ‘not my finest’ moment, shoved her back with my back, turned around, made eye contact with her, and that was the last she touched me.

That was 7 years ago.

So today, on the last Monday of the month, I’m thankful for:

- my bluetooth. I’m serious. This is the best bluetooth ever. I can’t believe I used to hold a phone to my ear to talk. When this puppy’s battery is low and I have to hold my phone, I want to (21)
- safe travels to Hawaii. I actually had a great flight. The flight attendants were so friendly, as were my seat buddies. A rarity.

- great times with my love all week.With the impromptu trip to Kona, it has made this trip all the more wonderful. Can’t wait to show you all the trip!
a sneak peak of the view from the room
- my haircut. I’ve been waiting and waiting to get back here to get a cut. I know no one can tell, but it feels great. I even texted the before and after picture to G-man and he was confused why I sent it to him.
I do look oddly chesty in the before picture. I promise, I did not stuff.
- seeing all the Christmas decorations everywhere!! I love it. Can’t wait to see how everyone will decorate this year.

- seeing Jupiter. People, this has to be the best picture I’ve ever taken. Please take note as I’ll never take anything as good as this, evah! I made sure to watermark this picture too, because I know many will attempt to claim it as theirs.
I’ll explain more on this experience another day, it was great.

Do you have a bluetooth that you just love and can’t live without?

Who’s finished with their Christmas decorations already?
I can’t wait to get back home to get my decorating on!! G-man only has so much at his place but you can bet your sweet fanny I’ll be decorating his place too.

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LeAnna said...

Your hair is ADORABLE. I don't do bluetooths, but I love Bose, so it must be wonderful. Still haven't mailed your treat yet, good thing you're still off lollygaggin in Howareya. ;)

I've been sorely disappointed with Cyber Monday sales. Did you find anything?

Natalie said...

Ugh. Hate shopping on Black Friday. Last time I was forced to go I spent nearly two hours in line and the woman in front of me was a real chatterbox. So I put up all the decorations, drank hot chocolate, and hung around home. Lovin' the new hair cut =)

Stephanie said...

I love your hair both ways! And the picture of Jupiter is pretty amazing. : )

I NEVER do Black Friday, but this year I got up at 8 am, ran to ONE store, got the bike we needed for my daughter and came right home. There were so many people I thought I might run someone over so I could get out of the store. Someone handed me a free doughnut on the way out. So all's well that ends well. : )

carissa at lowercase letters said...

"i did not stuff." lol. i was about to ask you. not! totally kidding.

your hair looks pretty before and pretty after! i think a haircut is one of the most relaxing things ever. next to a trip to Kona. i want to go! my cousins went there all the time growing up so i've heard like a million good things about it.

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Love your hair, it looks really cute!

Tabitha Lynn said...

I refuse to shop black Friday! Refuse!

No Bluetooth I'm lame!

Cute hair too I need a trim bad!

Jossie said...

I can't wait to see more pictures of Kona! Hopefully I'll be there on our 10th anniversary :-) BTW, our Christmas decorations were up on the 20th....wanted to get it done before we went out of town for Thanksgiving so it was all up when we got home. Yay!

Evelien said...

I'm putting up the decorations on friday, because my husband didn't think it would be appropriate to put them up earlier hahaha!
We almost had a fight over it!! ;)

And wow, that picture is ah-ma-zing! haha!
Love your blog! New follower :)

Megan said...

We haven't even started decorating for Christmas yet. UGH. I want to right now, but hubby has been working!!


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