Monday, November 21, 2011

I’m thankful for 40

Hello, my friends.

Long time no speak. You know when everyone goes on an internet break, completely unplugs and basks in the ‘silence’ of not having the internet?? Well, that wasn’t me. Well, it was. Don’t get me wrong. It was nice not always being hooked up to my computer, because when I’m home that’s all I do. Sit with my laptop on my lap for far more hours than I’d like to admit. But it was really hard not having access when I absolutely needed access.

I had a nice time with my Grandma though. We went and had it up at the casinos. Hung around making dinner, watched movies and slept in.

I’m thankful for:

-winning a bloggers giveaway for a $50 gift certificate to Sephora online. But darn it all if I can’t find out who she is. I have her name but not her blog, but I won. woot woot! and she forwarded me the certificate so its all good!! Can’t wait to use it. What should I use it for?!?!
- a safe arrival to my grandma’s house. I left far later than I meant to and thankfully the L.A traffic wasn’t too bad and made it within 6-ish hours.

- the great weather. I packed thinking it was going to be chilly like at home, so plenty of sweaters and yet people are in shorts here. I’ll take it though.

- my grandma’s generosity. Letting me stay with her for a week and taking care of everything. More than generous.

- getting a chance to meet up with Victoria, last minute. It really was great meeting up with her and getting to know her more. I was a bit nervous wondering what she’d think of me. Or even if she’d recognize I told her I’d be the girl that looks like Emily online. ..she recognized me.

- all the waaaaay too good of food I ate. Buffets are ultimately of the devil. Just sayin’

- the fitness center in the hotel. I was practically running down there, I was so eager to workout. Odd I was by myself both times I was in there. Odd but so so thankful. I like having a gym to myself.
yes, I had it on ESPN…sort of not by choice. I just gave in and made G-man proud.
photo (15)

Now it’s onto my next location. I’m most likely either driving or flying at this moment. Must make it in time to my next stop. Can’t be late for this very important date…

With that, I’ll be back up and about come tomorrow, so be ready for me to ambush you.

That was a warning..not a threat.

Feel free to fill me in on all your happenings over the past many days. I need to be caught up!

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LeAnna said...

Have fun this week, lady!

Tabitha Lynn said...

Regift to yours truly ;)


I'm so proud you worked out at a casino!

Have fun in hhhoooooiiiieeeeee!

Megan said...

Hahahaha, I love that you won a giveaway and don't know from where. You're hilarious.

And I'm done blowing up your blog. Moving on. : )

meghan said...

Oh how fun that you won $50 from Sephora!! Did you spend it yet? I could offer up my suggestions, as I perused the site today and found a bunch of things that I wanted...I held out however...


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