Monday, November 7, 2011

I’m thankful for 38

I’m cold. No, I’m freezing. One minute it was in the high 70’s and I had my floor fans going in my apt, still sleeping in shorts. The next it’s barely hitting 60 and I’m frantically lighting the pilot light in my gas fireplace…only the pilot light won’t light. No matter what I do, how many times I work it, it won’t light.

Now, I’m impatiently waiting for management to send maintenance today to do it for me, all while covered in sweats, socks and a blanket because I refuse to turn the heater on…since it sucks the pocketbook dry…I can do this!

This week, I’m thankful for:
- my new kindle. My other one was having serious issues and Amazon sent me a brand new one to replace it. Amazon really is the best.
bad cell phone picture
photo (13)
- getting through a rough week and you dear friends for encouraging me through it.

- G-man getting safely home from Y Country.

- only having a 2 hour difference between us now, thanks to Daylight Savings Time. So nice not having it be 3 anymore.

- my brother and his wife celebrating 13 years of marriage today. Craziness!
I’m sure she’d kill me posting this picture, but she put it on FB so, I deem it ok. (they’re in a cave, which explains things)

- Dana over at The Wonder Forest for telling us how to do a favicon. I’ve been wondering how bloggers change it and she happened to have the tutorial and happy I was! And in case you’re wondering that the heck mine is, its of the open pomegranate I took. I’m still considering changing it but will keep it up in the meantime.

- finally seeing the first signs of fall, here. We’ve been on pause with absolutely no color change of leaves. I’m even looking at pink flowers on a bush outside my living room window right now. But Tuesday, I happened to come across the first tree with its leaves changed. It made me so happy.

- my sinus infection going away. Ok, that’s a total lie. Its not even close to going away, but I figured if I showed it that I was “thankful” it would gracefully bow out and move along. I’ll keep you posted on if it does.

Let’s hear the tales of your weekend? I know some went through a minor earthquake… *ahem, while others, did….not? So fill me with your tales. I need a little entertainment today, especially since I’m driving into the god forsaken place that is my old prison to finally officially separate from the department. I have to turn in my badge…why this never occurred to me, I do not know. *sniff*

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The Blogivers said...

I have always been stubborn about giving in and turning our heater on... but now that Davis is here, I can't do it! My plan has been foiled!

And this weekend, we did a whole lot of nothing exciting. Sorry I can't entertain you with more thrilling stories :)

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Oh I hate living in apt becos of waiting on maintenance. I'm going through the sinus infection thing too so no fun at all. Hope your week is better! Yaah for the new kindle!

Natalie said...

Amazon is indeed the best! In terms of online companies that is :) Fall here is actually starting to wrap up. Everyone's been raking like crazy and there aren't very many leaves left on the trees. And this week it's supposed to start getting a little colder. But, it was sorta exciting getting out all the down comforters and extra blankets =)

Ashley said...

Girl, don't even talk about being cold! lol - its been in the 30's some days in PA :( no bueno!

ohhh, i want a kindle soooo bad! lucky you :) yay, for you and yo man only have a 2 hr difference between y'all now :) thumbs up!!


Tatiana said...

the 60s are long gone around here. A dream of the past. Most days I wear tights and jeans to stop my butt cheeks from being blue. Not fun at all.
And yay for the new kindle, and for Mr. G man being safe, and for the 2hr difference!

LeAnna said...

These are all great things to be thankful for. Your sis and bil are too cute, congrats on 13 yrs for them. You do realize only old people use Kindles, right? Just thought I'd inform you.

Also, *some* people go through "minor earthquakes" AND tornados all in less than 48 hours, so take that and stick it in yer back pocket. ;)

Jossie said...

Holy crap I can't believe they have been married for 13 years! What in the world?! CRAZY! Um, that means I'm getting old.

meghan said...

Okay wait I'm confused. Is G Man not in Hawaii? I thought that was where you were when you went to visit? I'm clearly not always with it. And if so, does Hawaii not have daylight savings?

Megan said...

Congrats to them for 13 years! That's awesome!! And I totally want a Kindle.


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