Monday, October 22, 2012

A thankful me - 40

Weekend, where’d you go!? You were there and then *poof* you were gone! so so quickly.

The weekend was a pretty great one. Lots of craziness ensued. Lots of cheering and pumping of arms in the air. Anyone else celebrate when they clean their showers? How about toilets? Vacuum? I did them all on Saturday. You know those kinds of days… where you forego all sense of hygiene beyond teeth brushing because all you’re going to do is break into a sweat with cleaning? It’s a good thing I didn’t have to face anyone. I even waited to take the trash out after 10 because let’s be real…no one needed to see this mess that was me.

I’m happy to report I showered Sunday morning.. you’re welcome.

Sunday was probably my favorite day in a very long time. So many great and wonderful things happened yesterday! That I’ll probably share with you at the end of this week. Life changing..mind blowing…epic happenings over here. The world as I know it will be changed forever.

I did a pretty great thing Saturday that had me standing in my closet for a long time admiring my work. I re-organized everything. I wanted to see how much room I’d save by stacking my clothes and turns out, I save 5ft of space by doing it this way! 5ft!!
photo (55) 
And this reveals to you just how much I don’t have color in my closet.. I’m a darks kind of gal.

It cost me zero dollars to do this. I’ve always been into the black hangers that the stores give for free when I’ve bought clothes over the years, so I’ve collected quite a few of them. Enough to have 95% of my wardrobe hung with black hangers, which in turn lets me stack them.

I was pretty excited.

What will I do with that extra 5ft you may ask? Not a darn thing. I have this thing where every time I reach in my closet to organize or straighten, I end up finding 4-5 more pieces to get rid of, which dwindles my clothes even more because I rarely replace them. Which is just what I did this time. 5 tops I never or should never wear again are in a bag ready to be donated, along with a pair of shoes.

Makes me thankful for all that I have and the ability to give things away and still have enough.
This whole weekend I’m thankful for! Having a 20 year old say she thought I was 24 was a sprinkling of sugar on top an already wonderful weekend.

I’m thankful for surprises and great friends. For other’s generosity and not having to drive my car for 2 days straight. Truly thankful for that one. And lots of laughter. Gosh, its so good to laugh.

How was your weekend, friends?

Random question of the day: Does anyone else lose copious amounts of hair daily??  I leave a hair road trail everywhere I go, it drives me crazy.

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Lisa said...

Hey...I did a bit of a spring clean over the weekend...moved my bed away from the wall and moved all the bookcases and so on to vacume behind them and oh boy do I loose a lot of hair...

I think you need to come save my cupboard...I am so bad at throwing out stuff even though I know I will never ever ever ever ever wear it again!!!

The Heart Of A Woman said...

I love your organized closet! I can't wait to hear more about your weekend! I had a wonderful baby shower this weekend! About the hair thing... I don't lose a lot of hair now, but I have been told as soon as I have the baby my hair will be coming out in chunks! Ahh!

Lauren said...

I'm jealous! I haven't been home enough to clean... Boohoo I want my clean house!

OK sorry for the whining! I can't wait to hear whats going on!! SHARE! SHARE! SHARE! (smile)

sandi said...

i don't like to shop and i LOVE getting rid of things! we have a rule that if something comes in something must go out... it doesn't matter what the item is... shoes, coat, sweater, jeans. if you want to replace it you have to let something go.

okay, what else? oh, i pump my arms in celebration when the children's bathroom is clean. three children in one bathroom is quite messy, but yea! for double sinks and a door separating the toilet from the rest of the room.

hmmm, life changing and mind blowing, yet you are going to make us wait until the end of the week. well appreciated.

and sadly, yes, to losing large amounts of hair daily

Megan said...

That really is SO smart!! I need to try this, since my closet is overflowing, with clothes that don't even fit anymore! Haha!!

Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies said...

I definitely have weekend where i just spring out of bed, brush my teeth, throw on sweats, and start cleaning (or gardening). No point in showering just to get dirty again.

Your closet looks great.



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