Thursday, October 4, 2012

When is it ok to spend?

So you all must think I’m a little crazy..well, maybe not all but the majority of you since my last post. I question if I should share 1/2 the things that go on in my head with you, so usually reduce it to about 1/3 and even then, sometimes it’s too much.

But oh well. As many of you have said, I’m transparent. I say what I say and it may be random, heartfelt, deep, funny or just plain weird, but its me in all my goofiness.

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I’ve had a lot of money thoughts lately. Thoughts in the way of wanting to spend a lot. I’ve had the itch for two weeks now, though I’ll admit, its died down considerably. Sense has crept back in and allowed me to function at a normal level again but I still think and question certain amounts of spending.

I put it on twitter and got quite the response, so I’ll put it here to see what you’d do.

If you knew you’d get a phenomenal haircut and color, would you spend $300 for it?

The type of cut and color where you know will be amazing. Where no other stylist you know or go to could ever come close.

This is the debate I’m having right now. I’m seeing my awesome stylist in November for a cut, but saw “Belle” on Once Upon A Time (the show) and absolutely fell in love with her color. It’s a highlight/lowlight color so it would take work and I’m considering having my stylist do it along with the cut. This will most likely cost over $300 but let’s just say it’ll be a solid 3. I’ve already made the appointment for both since its easier to cancel than add but I’m not sure if I can fully take the leap.

I’m back to my sensible spending ways and have a hard time choking down that amount, but in the same I was about to plunk down over 3 times that amount for a camera lens just days ago.

Do you see where I can justify spending the “chump change”? Its still so easy for me to fall back into my old spending ways when I had a ton of money. It runs through my blood, so to speak.

I’m also aware of all the things I’ll be spending a lot of money on that’s coming up. Things that might trump the color, so again, the debate wages on inside.

I like what Angie said, “…There is nothing wrong indulgence as long as you aren't going into debt over it!”

I agree. And its nice being pampered with the assurance I’ll be more than 100% satisfied with the result.

Money…or more like spending, has been on my mind lately and just wanted to see where you stand.

SO, would you spend that? Or could you see yourself spending $300 on something else that was in one sitting?
Or would you absolutely never spend that much money on yourself? Maybe because you don’t think you should? Or aren’t worth it? Or just plain don’t think you ever need to spend that much on yourself period.

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Rach @ This Italian Family said...

My grandfather has cut my hair ever since I was born so I've never actually paid for a haircut. He was a barber and always knew how to work with my curly hair so perfectly. I really like my natural hair color (it's a light brown in the summer with red and blonde highlights and a darker brown in the winter with light brown highlights) so I don't dye my hair. Once I start going gray, I'm sure that I will, but until then I'm keepin' it simple. Soooo all that is to say - I can't imagine spending $20 on a haircut so any amount seems crazy to me, haha! I've been so spoiled having him always cut my hair. :) I hope you LOVE your cut/dye/style! :)

Erin Pasillas said...

For a haircut/color, nope, wouldn't spend it. I'm not saying you shouldn't, just I wouldn't. I just don't value those types of expenses (hair, nails, facials,etc.)... And you can probably tell by looking at me!!!! Ha!

I would, however, drop hundreds on a lens... But I'm very indecisive when it comes to pulling the trigger. I've had the only lens I want/need in my cart for days along with the to ahead to spend more than it actually costs, but I can't help but think about having that money in the bank- or paying for something the kids need with it. I don't know... Spending is hard sometimes... But get me to a sushi restaurant or a steakhouse and I'll drop $75 quick without a second thought... Priorities, I guess!!

Katie said...

I think its just different for everyone. Its good to be smart and save and not go into debt and all that jazz...but overall I think its relative. I would never spend more than $50 on my hair, but then again I am indifferent about my hair. I would be just fine spending money on....well, something else I'm sure that may be important to me and not someone else. Just don't get in a crazy spendy habit ;)

Michelle said...

$300 is a lot for a hair cut, I'm not sure if I could do that.

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain. Sometimes it's hard to justify indulging in something like that, in the same way I have no problem spending $2,000 on a camera lens but hesitate to spend $200 on s day at the spa for myself. When it comes to hair, the cut and color will only last for so long. I tend to fork over a little more cash for things I can enjoy for longer periods of time, or for vacations, because I get more out of it and feel better about spending my money on those things. Ultimately, it's up to you to decide. If you can afford it without having to sacrifice anything more important (gas, groceries, mortgage, etc) then I don't see why not!


debjones:) said...

I could absolutely NEVER justify spending $300 on a haircut for myself or any other family member!! The most I have ever spent is $90 in one sitting and that was for a cut/style and dye job with highlights. And my girl is really good. But, I must remind you of where I live and I'm not sure it would cost that amount anywhere within 90 miles of home. Where you are may be a completely different story I'm sure.

I'm also the girl that can go shopping, even try things on, like what I see and end up putting it all back before I leave the store and walk out with nothing... The hubby LOVES when I do that!! ;)

Lisa said...

Ok let me start off by saying that the current Rand/Dollar exchange rate is R8.31 to $1. So taking the $300 and doing the math it comes to R2 493!! That for your length of hair is nothing in South Africa. I paid R1 500 so doing the math backwards $180 for the worst hair cut in the history of haircuts and there was only one colour no highlights and so on.

So I guess it does not sound ridiculously expensive to me when I do the conversion. However, saying that I pay almost $5 for a Dr Pepper here!!

Here is what I think: if you have the money and can afford to spend it on the luxury of having your hair done to your complete and utter satisfaction then why not!! If you are going into debt or are going to struggle to make your responsible then no.

Having said that......there is nothing better than being spoiled and pampered and at the top of that list is a good hair style because lets be honest you can wake up in the best of moods, the scale can shout out the most amazing figure, your fav jeans can fit and every traffic light can be green..your day will still be crappy if your hair feels yucky!!!

That's my two cents worth...

Anonymous said...

Well, I just spent $125 for a cut and color with both highlights & low lights, plus an $11 tip, so I'm not afraid to spend money on my hair. $300, though? I don't know. It kind of gives me heart palpitations just thinking about it. But, I also have 4 kids who like to eat. A LOT. So, $300 is one trip to the grocery store for us. I guess it all comes down to one's circumstances. If you can do it, I say, go for it!

My-cliffnotes said...

Do it!

sandi said...

oh my... i agree with michelle above. i have three children, a hubby and myself to feed and believe me those growing bodies (theirs not mine!) require much! i have had the same hair dresser for 20+ years and she only charges me $18 for my haircut... over the years i have upped my tip because i know she charges new customers more. she also cuts the children's hair at a small discount too. we live debt free so some of those extra things we think about for several days before purchasing.

HOWEVER, when i was single, things were a bit different. i was spending MY hard earned money. in the finance field i had to dress professionally (which has a different meaning these days ~ i wore panty hose almost every day, ug!) now, as a stay at home mom it has taken me a while to realize that this is a decision we made together and it is okay to spend on me sometimes. i have never colored my hair but that will have to change here shortly as the grey is coming in quickly!

i guess if it were for something more permanent (vacation memories, a plane ticket to hawaii ;-) or a piece of furniture) it could be justified. how frequently are you going to have the color done again to maintain it? and does that cost the same or just a touch up? i am a salon dummy and just dont know these things.

i do applaud you for working through the money piece way ahead of time and giving yourself time to back out if needed. what is right for me at this time in my life (highlights/lowlights would be wasted on cleaning toilets... not exactly but you understand) is not necessarily right for you. don't go into debt for it ~ pay cash! and show us pictures if you proceed forward!

Jossie said...

I know I already told you my thoughts but wanted to throw out one more thought. I'm totally fine with spending $300 on myself....if it's not something that will take maintenance. For example, plopping down $300 on some clothing that I will wear over and over again and love....not a big deal to me. But, with the color, are you wanting to maintain it? Are you willing to spend more money to get it done again? Or is it just the one time? When I spend money like that I like it to be something that is more permanent than hair color, ya know? That being said, I'm not the best at money management (thank goodness Karl is) so who am I to tell you what to do :-)

Daisy said...

$300! Yikes! I can't spend that much on haircut but I could spend that much on lens. I think for me I have to see it as an investment. A haircut is too temporary I guess.

But! 19 year old Daisy would probably have spent the 300.

The Heart Of A Woman said...

I couldn't do it. I am super cheap though. I have a hard time spending more than 60 on my hair. I freaked out the other day because I spent 160 on clothes. Your hair is already so pretty, I can't see you needing 300 dollars worth of work.

Mrs. Pancakes said...

I say if you have it and not going into debt for it...why not! $300 could be $30 for some people!


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