Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Orange you glad?

First off, thank you everyone for your sweet words yesterday. I know there’s a lot of you married and single who know how I feel, so thank you.

Now! Saturday night a few of my friend’s and I went out to dinner. Since it was our last night in Vegas and one of the girls hadn’t been to Vegas since she was 17 (she’s now 29), we decided to make it worth her while…and by that I mean we went to eat at the Hard Rock Casino. It was close by. It wasn’t our first choice… but the food proved to be good.

After walking uncomfortably through the meat market…I mean, casino, we made it to the restaurant where they sat us in the “orange light” section. I noticed they had a yellow light section and a green light section. Far less offensive than the orange we were in and far more forgiving.

We chowed down on their chips and salsa, talking about all things girl and had a great time together…even though we looked like oompa loompa’s.

Afterward we piled in my friend’s SUV and drove down the strip..twice, so our friend could get a look at everything.
(our friend who get’s a good picture of her since her orange one didn’t turn out well) so that’s what skin is supposed to look like…

It was a good opportunity to point everything out to her that we knew. Fun little facts and memories we had at certain parts of the strip. Reliving many stories, laughing as we deciphered if they were real or if they were 2 stories combined.

(mom, I promise I was not in the car w/Jossie as she met guys at a light who invited her up to their hotel room for a party..and I promise I didn’t go into their room with her either…at least I think I didn’t.) She thinks I was with her all those years ago but I don’t have but the vaguest memory of this story, and no I wasn’t drinking..

Any way, I was so eager to see the Bellagio fountains. My all time favorite on the strip. I’ve spent hours at their wall watching each fountain show. I’ve watched them from a room at the Bellagio, I’ve watched them from a terrance…any way, anywhere I can, I’ll watch their fountain shows. And thankfully, they didn’t disappoint as we drove by slowly the second time and the Beatles began to play.

It brought tears to my eyes…that and because the rest of the car wasn’t into it like I was, but mainly because I got to see the fountains.

A little remnant of the strip.
photo (54)

Orange you glad I took you along my Saturday night? (I had to…I’m sorry) I should probably mention we all were in bed before 11. Party animal central!

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The Heart Of A Woman said...

It looks like y'all had fun. I do wish you would have gotten to watch the water show at the fountain.

sandi said...

when we were there in february the winds were not cooperating and the fountain show did not occur. we stayed at the cosmopolitan next door and were looking forward to seeing it. hubby's company had a dinner on the terrace one night and the fountains would have been in plain sight. oh well. not sure we will return on our dime but it was a nice quick weekend on the company dime!

Jossie Schauerhamer said...

Seriously, you had to put it out there that we both can't remember what actually happened? :) Now I'm starting to wonder! And I really can't think of who else I would have been with! And wasn't there a better picture of me than that one? Just giving you a hard time! Loved hanging out with ya woman!!

debjones:) said...

Sounds like a good time was had!! Do you remember once upon a time you and me on Fremont Street in the middle of the day that included (or may not have included) a strawberry flavored drink? Ahhh, the memories! tehehe:)

Megan said...

Hahahaha. Love the cheesy orange joke!! I seriously laughed out loud. Not sure if it's because I'm tired or the pregnancy hormones, but you got me. Haha.

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

Haha! I love that you guys were all in bed by 11... that sounds like me and my friends. ;)


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