Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Vanity filled


Is this vain? Is this smart? Is this putting way too much thought into it?
Hard to say, but what I've decided to do..or at least cut back considerably in doing is drinking out of a straw. Random, right?

I bought this nifty new water bottle to replace my, older than I care to admit one, that has a straw in it. At first I thought it was so cool. I no longer had to hoist the bottle up with the fear of it dribbling down my face, chest and lap (cause that was happening) but I started to pay attention to the lip pucker...and there's a lot of lip pucker. I drink almost a gallon of water a day out of it so imagine, if you will how often I'm sucking down on that straw. 
By week 2 is when I noticed that it simulated a smoker. {do you think I'm crazy yet?} Maybe you do, but I'm around a lot of smokers and I see the horrible lines they have around their mouths from the constant pucker and heck if I (the non smoker that I am) will have those lines from drinking out of a straw! I'm getting wrinkles regardless. You all know, if you've been around for awhile, I've been talking a bit about them on my face and neck. Its natural, its going to happen, but I certainly don't want to speed up the process over a silly straw!
After moving the straw to the left side of my mouth...then the right side..then not fully putting my lips on it and having it spray all over me and looking like a fool, I decided to take the lid off every time and drink like its a glass of water. Surprisingly, I'm almost doubled my water intake because of it.
Feel free to call me silly or superficial, I don't mind. I prefer to age gracefully…not to mention slowly. I'm sure someone will say, 'so you won't kiss because it may cause wrinkles?' and no... I'll happily kiss for 30 minutes and not think once about any wrinkles forming, but a straw? There's no enjoyment in those wrinkles.
have you thought of this? 
- I never did in my 20's but I'm in my 30's now and I'm a lot more aware of what can affect and damage my skin. 
Speaking of vanity, I put the 'pin it' button on the blog for the cookies, Friday. Just in case anyone wanted to pin it and have it be a quick easy way and now its on each and every post and I can't remove it! I've gone into HTML and searched all over for it and can't find a way to take it out, so I promise, I'm not so conceded that I think you'll want to pin every single post I put up.
And seriously, if you know how to find it in my HTML, tell me and I'll send you a cookie!

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Lisa said...

HTML is so a language I don't speak. I struggled for a month to do the most basic things and I still got it wrong when the new look went live yesterday!!

Oh and I stopped drinking from a straw for the same reason about a year ago...its not vain...it is taking precautions!!!

Megan said...

Hahaha...you are so funny! I literally laughed out loud...and almost spit my drink out...that I had just drank...from a straw!!

I can never give up my straw. I think that drinks taste better through a straw (surely that's scientific, right?!) and I seriously hate when I don't have one!! Plus, if you drink something dark without a straw, it will stain your teeth!! Ahhhhh! No way to win! Haha!

Katie said...

hahahaha this is too funny Em! I have a thing for drinking from a straw...I just love it. I don't think I could ever give it up! But I can't wait to hear about the progression of your wrinkles once the straw-drinking ceases ;)

My-cliffnotes said...

Wrinkles yeah no thanks

Anonymous said...

I actually heard that drinking from a straw will give you the same lines as a smoker, on the radio. I believe it was John Tesh, so you KNOW it's gotta be accurate info. :) Still can't quite give up the straw, regardless. I have really sensitive teeth, so drinking something cold right out of the glass, is really uncomfortable. Sigh... ;)

Jess said...

I'm with you on not minding wrinkles from kissing, but yeah...no fun in straw wrinkles. Now I just need to get back to drinking more water, wear sunscreen daily, and start using oils or honey to cleanse. Oh!!! And exfoliate more. And take better care of my feet!! And exercise with Dave more regularly!!! And!! Okay I'll shut up😘

Laura Elizabeth said...

Hello! I am hopefully back into blogging- and therefore commenting!!!
I saw on Oprah once that thing about straws giving your mouth wrinkles, therefore it MUST be true :) UI only really use straws when I'm at a restaurant. I am also noticing wrinkles and general sagginess. Not fair. Time, why must you do this to our bodies?!?!?


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