Thursday, October 11, 2012

Lost and gone forever?

I had quite the scare the other night with my old pictures. A long long time ago I used to upload all my pictures onto kodak gallery online. Everything was stored there from the early to mid 2000's. Probably close to 2,000 pictures were saved online that I would email to friends and family and G-man when he was overseas. It was my go to for anything pictures, Christmas cards and photo books.

At the beginning of the year, Kodak said they were closing their website and transferring all the pictures to shutterfly’s site. I didn’t think much of it since the email said everything would be taken care of for me. Come the beginning of July, their site shut down but I didn’t bother checking either site to see where my pictures were.

Fast forward to Monday. I was looking for a particular picture and needed to get it from shutterfly, but after logging in, it showed zero albums. zero pictures. I was freaking out! All those pictures gone! My trips I took, all my work pictures with my co workers from prison, my nieces nephews family, all gone!

It took 4 shutterfly logins (because you know if you keep logging in and out of the same website they’ll magically appear) and 2 kodak gallery logins to finally scroll down and read where it said, ‘to complete transfer of your pictures, log into kodak gallery here.’

Hmmmm, I don’t remember ever doing that….

The moment I do, all the pictures show up in shutterfly. Talk about heaving the biggest sigh of relief!! I started looking through them all and figured I’d share some fun ones…there’s a good chance one person will kill me after this..

Clearly you can see I’ve always been a fan of sunsets. Pier in Cayucos, CA.
Avila Beach, CA
I still have this skirt! I wore it that one time at the wedding and held onto it for 7 years before finally wearing it again.
Remember my story about my close friend who would do anything for me? That’s him. :)
Santa Barbara, CA. Which was absolutely beautiful!
My long time childhood friend, that I’m seeing today, who I’m sure would like to kill me but let’s take the focus off her and on my side 1990’s bangs I’m sporting.
Getting all fancy for my date with G-man in San Francisco where he took me to a fancy shmancy restaurant and a symphony after…all while he ran a 105 temperature! What a guy!!
Hours after chopping my hair off, not to mention coloring it. That cut took entirely too long to grow back.
A little flashback Thursday if you will. I’m heading out to see my friend for the weekend. We’re doing some fun stuff that involves a little place called Vegas. Ok, I’m probably not going to come close to the strip! I’m going for other reasons, but we’re having a slumber party at her house with 3 other women. I’m sure her husband will love all the women taking over the house!

~ ~I just wanted to throw it out there in case anyone’s interested. I’m having a little 24 hour lia sophia sale that starts today, if you want to be included in it, make sure you include your email in your comment and I’ll email you the information and what it’s all about. Anyone that orders (within the US) will get their order shipped to them by me. :)

Since Christmas is coming and the new Special Edition Catalog is rockin’, I figured why not offer it in case you’re interested for yourself or for Christmas gifts.~ ~
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Rach @ This Italian Family said...

So glad you didn't lose your pictures!

Lauren said...

I'm interested!!

I love looking through old pictures :) So many memories!

The Heart Of A Woman said...

What great pictures! The 80's hair is cracking me up!!!! I love looking at old pics! I'm glad you didn't lose yours. I thought I lost all my wedding pics that were saved on my computer at one time. It made me want to throw up. Thank The Lord I didn't lose them! Of course I have an album but it doesn't have all the pics.

Megan said...

Oh my gosh, I would have cried!! So scary that you almost lost them all, but thank goodness they are still there!!

Daisy said...

Old pictures are the best! I would seriously freak out if mine were gone.

LeAnna said...

Woman, you need an external hard drive! 99$ and back that thing up. No, not that thing...your computer.

I have a TON of pics on Photobucket from early 2000, and if one were to venture over to Xanga one could find some there, too. Pre-external-hard drive days when our laptop crashed, it was nice having them online. All of our honeymoon pics, and 1st anniversary pics were on there too. I sometimes wish I wouldn't have deleted my Xanga from early teenaged days. Bet that would be QUITE entertaining...

Totally laughing at the 90's bangs. Only because I had them for the majority of my childhood. It was torture.

My-cliffnotes said...


Clarice said...

Whew! So glad you got your pictures back! Love the sunset one especially <3

Amanda Wissmann said...

omg. just the thought of losing my pics makes me want to throw up....

I think I need to get them on my external harddrive ASAP now. I'm going to have a panic attack! (ok. maybe not really...but I could)

Glad you didnt and cute pics!

Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies said...

Emily, I have to ask, how tall are you? You look like a supermodel in the wedding picture!!


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