Monday, October 21, 2013

9 days left

I’m so close, friends. I can smell the delicious cookies, they’re almost in my grasp. I have to say, I haven’t really been craving sugar anymore. I don’t think about it really, and don’t have much of a temptation anymore. So technically, I’m totally cured. If I never have another drop of sugar again, I’d be completely fine with that.

Alright, so that’s not true. I do look forward to having a little in my coffee. And I do look forward to eating a cookie. And I do look forward to having a cracker. And I do look forward to, well, no restrictions whatsoever. It’ll be nice. In truth, beyond this whole no white sugar thing, I’m eating almost like I used to when I lived alone…it’s just that pesky lack of white sugar that’s different.

Still going strong though. For anyone still thinking of the idea..wanting to do it themselves at some point (not now…don’t do it NOW), just know, it gets easier. You’ll really lose the crazy cravings, and you’ll lose the obsessive thoughts that fill your first 10 days, and it becomes bearable, then manageable, then livable.

So, over the weekend I only left the house to take the garbage to the street. That’s normal, right? Why leave if you don’t have to is what I say. I did important things eat a ton of broccoli, watched a proposal that had me laughing and crying at the same time, (it’s long but TOTALLY worth watching), and other important things like that.

And can I just say how making a phone call is worth it sometimes? You know when you put off calling a company because of the hassle you think you’ll go through? The long wait, or the irritating rep, or one who’s not interested in helping you…so many reasons to avoid calling them, but a month ago, I got a letter from Verizon saying a discount I received for having worked for the state was coming to an end.

by the way, if you work for the government, you’re entitled to a’s amazing.

Any way, I was really sad! I’ve gotten this discount for 8 years, at least! I attempted to “prove” I was still working for the state by sending a paystub to them, but they rejected it saying retired employees don’t qualify for it. I was sad. It may sound really silly, but I was really sad this amazing discount was coming to an end.

I let it go and prepared myself for my upcoming bill, but I kept getting notifications and mailers from Verizon saying FINAL NOTICE to submit proof… uh, thought I was already denied, but whatever…salt in a wound.

So on a whim, I called yesterday. I almost hung up 5 times while going through the automated steps, feeling it was completely worthless to talk to them, but I got a guy, and I told him I was still getting mail after I was told retirees don’t get the discount. He confirmed retirees don’t, but then put me on hold to talk to his supervisor. And just like that, he came back to say I DO in fact still qualify for the discount, and again, it may sound so arbitrary to you, but this made my entire day.

Had I not called, it would have been removed and I would be paying a much larger bill come November, but 5 minutes of my time, ended up saving me a ton of money.

We dread calling phone companies, credit card, cable companies, but the amount of savings we can get from a 5-15 minute call could be huge. Heck, I’m saving my parents $80 a month by {making them} switch their phone and internet services…from a company they’ve been with for 10 years!

Totally got off on a tangent but since we’re still on phones, I finally updated my iTunes to the new software, but haven’t put it on my phone yet.. is it worth it? Is it annoying? I read these 18 tips for the new update, but am still a little slow with wanting to put it on my phone.

So fill me in, friends. Is it great?

Oh and I was playing around the other day and here’s a small taste of that. More to come on what I was actually doing. I had quite the fun…if its not obvious.

Happy Monday!

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2 comments: said...

I commend you on your stamina. That is one of the hardest things to do!!! I am thinking of trying it come January so i will be feeling better for vegas in apirl but not sure if i can do it or not yet. I don't have the willpower and sugar and sweets are my weakness.

The Heart Of A Woman said...

Your so pretty! I meant to text you the other day to tell you when you are ready I have a great choc chip cookie recipe! I made them the other day and they were incredible! I actually feel sick right now because at dinner I had two bday cakes. One from my mom and one from the mom in law! I. Feel. Terrible! But they were soooo good to eat at the time!


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